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My other pets

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Here is Kovu's best friend Mei-Shui. They play like 2 kittens it is so funny. I had Kovu first and he is the boss of Mei-Shui. She is a 7mo Shih-Tzu.

This is Maya. Now I did have Maya in the home just 1mo befor I got Kovu. Kovu went after her to play with her and she bit his ear. He is still funny about this bird. When he wants to pounce the bird shows the beak wide open and he runs away. Maya is a 11mo Indian ringneck.

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Now SOME chins I do have alot....

Arwin and baby Jason. He was born on Friday the 13th in Oct. Both violets.

Jade an ebony white girl.

Gizmo My male ebony white he took second at the chin show.

Jax the mosaic male he took 2nd also he is young so he will be sowing again. The other boy with the red eyes is a homo beige. He dosn't have a name yet I am still not sure if I am going to keep him.

Spaz my black velvet violet carrier boy.

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What a big fur/feather family you have! They are all just adorable
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what a great family!
although the non furry human child seems to be the odd ball lol!
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Aw, what a cute fur family
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Now that's what I call integration!
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You have adorable babies.
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Wow you have a lot of creatures there!

Maya is lovely (I'm a bit of a bird lover myself!)

What are chinchillas like as pets? Never had one, so a bit curious! I've always thought they looked lovely and soft but probably have sharp teeth
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Yea they have sharp teeth but rarely use them on there people. I love chinchillas much better then a hamster or gerbil. More like a rat they are so smart and need atention. I have more but did not want to over whelm everyone I have over 30 chinchillas. I breed, show and sell them. They are pets and I never pelt any of them. That is me I am not agent it just I do not do it. We would not have the good looking chins we have today with out pelters in the world. That is a very tuchy subject so I wont go too much into it but I do but my breeder from some pelter best chins I have ever gotten. So very soft and wonderful size too. To be own by a chin is something I tell ya. They can train you very fast with that cute face...
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