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Presents? We LOVE presents

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Thought I'd share some pics of the boys with their Secret Santa pressies!

Forest was pretty patient, but Tailer wanted into it right away!!

I tried to take pictures of everything to post, but Tailer didn't want to wait that long.

Take 1

Take 2

Tailer went right for the Wildlife Salmon and knocked it on the floor. Forest is never one to miss an opportunity.

I gave in and everyone got a bunch of extra treats last night!
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This morning Forest and Tailer were up and ready for more fun with their presents.

Forest discovered the tissue paper this morning. (OK...I had hidden it last night. He gets too rowdy to give it to him too close to bedtime.) He also invented a new game, "Hide the New Toys in the Tissue Paper". He spent his morning knocking his new toys under the tissue, then diving into the tissue to retrieve them.

Tailer was busy with other things, though. He watched where I put the treats last night and spent the morning trying to either get at them or get me to give him some.

Unfortunately, Harvey missed all the fun. He had a vet appointment and is still too mad at me to come out while I'm home. So he spent his morning behind the washing machine.

We'll save him some treats and toys for after he calms down.
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Great pics! Nakita would do the same with the tissue paper. It's the hide and find move.

Poor Harvey. He deserves an extra treat.
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Awwwwwwwww how cute!! I love the picture of Tailer sitting by the kitchen cabinet Mine have absolutely no respect for tissue paper. Poor Harvey maybe you can give him some treats behind the washing machine.
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Your boys are adorable. Great pics of them enjoying their gifts!
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Great SS presents for the kitties! Harvey just doesn't know what he's missing. I'm sure that Tailer and Forest will tell him all about it when you're sleeping.
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Poor Harvey!
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It looks like Tailer and Forest were having a ball with their SS gifts!

Poor Harvey! What a time for a vet visit, sweetie! I know your Meowmy will have a special secret stash for you (with some fresh tissue paper) when you're ready to come out!
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Great pictures! Abby is also a tissue paper addict We don't get to see enough pictures of your crew.
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i'm so glad they liked everything! i managed to stay under the limit by sending baggies of treats & catnip that i had purchased for my own kitties - so i didn't spend any new on them my guys got a bag of toys identical to yours - there was a sale, so i bought 2, not even knowing who my SS would be at the time!
& tissue paper is a really popular toy at my house, too! my niece & nephew helped me pack the bags & box, but then i had to hide the box in the utility room or my kits would've found a way to get into it... they were very interested!
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Well, Harvey's decided to put me on probation. He'll come out to see me, but only in the middle of the night. (He woke me up to tell me so about once an hour last night.) Apparently he only trusts me when I'm half asleep.

He's been through alot the last few weeks. His asthma's been bad lately and we've been trying to get him better. This has necessitated about four vet trips, a two-week course of antibiotics, and getting used to a new asthma inhaler. I've totally been persona non grata lately. Pat's been very willing to help out, but I've intentionally prevented him from getting involved so Harvey would only be mad at one of us.

But...the good news is that Harvey got to enjoy some of his SS goodies yesterday before I got home from work. He will come out when Pat's there, so Pat gave him some toys and treats! (He didn't take any pictures of it, though...I have to work on training him better.) Harvey loves the dried chicken and catnip toys. He dragged a nice, big catnip mouse back behind the washing machine so he can enjoy it while he's hiding from me.
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Love the pics Tari!!!
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Those are some smart Cats! And very industrious!
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