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Dogs & Cats?

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Well im getting a rescue cat in january.
Mom doesnt want a kitten, so we've said 11/12months +.
Anyways, i'm really excited!!
But we've got a (nearly) 2year old border collie. Shes scared of mostly all animals(we keep rabbits, rats,hamsters, mice etc).. Mom thinks that my dog would be alright around a cat.
But how do i go about introducing the cat to my dog, vice versa?

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Wow, I'm having the exact same problem pretty much.

I've never owned a cat, but have wanted one for a while now. My dad hates cats, but has finally given in a little, and is thinking about me getting one. The problem for us is also, I have a 5 year old dog. I'm not sure how he will react, as he freaks out at the site of other animals. Also, he's a coon hound if it helps.

So, if you can help us both out, that'd be great. Thanks.
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The colllie will want to herd the cat all the time...
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Actually just because its a herding breed doesnt mean that its going to herd everything!
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has the collie shown any herding instincts? Usually it's pretty strong in collies and that can sometimes cause problems. We have a wonderful collie at our local HS and unfortunately she hasn't been adopted b/c she heards everything (including cats, other dogs, children, even adults).
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My collie mix didn't actually herd the cats, he'd just stand guard over them while they slept and prodded them back into sleep position when they moved. My hound mixes (coon) were the locaters of abandonded cats and new litters around the farm.

If you haven't gotten your cats yet, invest time (if necessary) in training your dogs. A dog that listens to you without question has the easiest adjustment to a new cat in the household. If you don't have control over the dog, it will decide how to accept the cat. If that acceptance is negative, you will have huge problems. Don't give the dog a choice. The new cat/kitten needs to be accepted as part of the pack without question.
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Momofmany has great advice. Our dogs are very well trained and that is making our current kitten transition very easy. Today they are testing the limits a bit (trying to nip) so they are outside cooling their heels.
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