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Fluffy has some scabs underneath her fur near her neck, and her ears. I remember last time we took her in for a scratchy voice & when they shaved near her vocal cord area, they found a big scab, too, and the vet thought she may have scratched really deep. Could it be possible that she scratches herself too hard & she's cutting her skin? Other than that, she is healthy..
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do they have advantage on them? 2 of my cats seem to have sensitive skin and if i don't repeat it on time they start getting little scabs. i guess it might be from digging, but my others are not like that.
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Usually if a cat is scratching and either pulling the hair out, or scratching enough to produce scabs, it's an allergy of sorts. The first one is a flea allergy, it's typical for a cat to do this even if only bit once by a flea. The second most typical is a food allergy or inhalent allergy. The first thing I would do is talk to the vet about a steroid injection to stop the itching for the moment. Then I would think about narrowing down what may be causing the irritation. The easiest is to talk to the vet about getting a prescription diet and only feeding this for 3 to 4 weeks. If the itching stops, you would gradually add some extra ingredients to see when the scratching starts again so you know what's causing it. In order to find an inhalent allergy, you would need to do a special allergy test that most vets offer.
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I'll make an appt. for her this coming week. I feed her & Cinnamon Iams hairball/weight control for cats 1yrs. & older. I just started feeding this about 2 weeks ago, but she had scabs prior to this. Cinnamon doesn't have scabs on her. Fluffy does groom herself frequently, too.
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Sorry to hear that Fluffy is under the weather. I hope it's nothing serious...Let me know ok??
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I'll let u know! She goes next Saturday.
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Goodness, why so long of a wait?
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Fluffy went to the vet today. The vet seems to think it was possibly the new Iams hairball/weight control, so he wants me to call him back in 2 weeks to let him know if there are any new scabs. He said if it's not the food, then it is a seasonal allergy. In the meantime, he gave me some antibiotics for the scabs. Also, he said if it is a seasonal allergy, he can give her a cortizone shot. Oh, she also got her distemper shot. She gained half a pound, too, since last year
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