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Thanks a lot Becki - can't believe it will be 6 weeks tomorrow. IT is sad that she couldn't have longer, but I have to keep thinking that she had longer here than she may have had otherwise, I am not sure everyone would pay a 4 figure sum in a year for an 11yo (even though I dont think it is old, I know what the general public think).

I think it was harder so soon after losing Ginger, I always knew he was going to be a hard cat to lose. But again, he had 4 years that I know for certain he wouldn't have had otherwise, and he got more time here than he did living on the streets. I am glad that I am strong enough to be able to deal with the 'drawbacks' on taking on senior cats, and to be able to give so many of them a chance they wouldn't have otherwise - the losses are getting harder though.
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Another slightly emotional day today - was looking through some of the pics of her today, and this time last year was the start of all her leg issues, when I was talking to our fundraiser the other week, she said she wouldnt' put a cat through an amputation, and it made me think, as Pebbles only had 7 months after it, so i was wondering if I actualy did do the right thing, but fortunately looking through some of the pics, I know I did, esp with this one, plus it was something underlying that caused the main issues, not the leg, she did recover from this incredibly well. It has only been 4 months since she went.

[img width=600 height=450]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b45/booktigger/PICT1098.jpg[/img]
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