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The background to this:

I Actually very nearly didn't get Pebbles, and probably wouldnt have if it hadn't been for the people on anothe forum - I was fostering for CP at the time, and had said that Snowy was really poorly and if they got an oldie in in the next few months to let me know. 2 hours after getting back from Snowy's final visit, I got a call from CP asking if I could take on a 10yo. After persuasion, I went and saw her, and we had actually seen them in the vets that morning, so I decided it was fate, even if she was 'too young' for me - plus pts was mentioned if a home couldn't be found. Couldnt take her straight away though, as the vet had said that she had to be FIV/FeLV tested before homing (turns out she was convinced even then there was something underlying with this cat). So she came here after that came back negative, and I had to rearrange so much stuff for her, she camped out in my bedroom so I had to move litter tray, food and water up here, which I had never done before, so it certainly was an experience. Last years health issues weren't too bad, just a weight battle, cystitis, blood tests cos the vet said she didn't look good, a dental, and a couple of 'minor' visits, mainly over what we thought was a lack of balance, but after this year, I know think it was that leg, and we knew there was an issue with it, but we put it down to the fact that the break had left that leg weak, dont think anyone would have guessed they would find a pin that was years old if that leg had been x-rayed!! This year was a different story though, and even the vet said on Mon that she wondered with every issue we faced if she could get through it. She was such a little fighter though, and I do think she was very lucky that I did take her on, I can't see many people paying for what she ended up costing, nor willing to go through so many traumas in such a short space of time. It does seem unfair that she was taken so young, but I have known the majority of the time i have had her that she wasn't going to be with me for years and years, she was just a chronically sickly cat - but they are the ones I Seem to get most of!! Pic taken the first day

And 2 days before - the camera was really acting up though, so this is poor

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You and Pebbles were truly meant to spend your time together!

I know that you have both been through a lot together and offered each other the love and support that you've needed!

Pebbles is now completely free from pain and running free with our RB kitties - I know Pebbles and Disco will get on!

You will be very much missesd sweet Pebbles, by many! We thank you for all that you've shared and send a piece of our hearts with you

Play happily, Pebbles
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Oh my goodness, what a sad day it is here in the bridge today

I'm so sorry about Pebbles, but bless her little heart she was well looked after And that'll carry on over at the bridge until you see each other again.

Have a fun time with your new friends Pebbles, you know how much you were loved

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Originally Posted by Sar View Post
You and Pebbles were truly meant to spend your time together!

You will be very much missesd sweet Pebbles, by many! We thank you for all that you've shared and send a piece of our hearts with you

Play happily, Pebbles
i have nothing more to say than i've already said. such a hard year for you - but you made Pebble's last years here wonderful ones! to you for being such a great meowmy... i know she appreciated it!
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Thanks everyone. I dont seem to have put how long I had her for - it would have been 2 years next month, and that was the second longest one of my cats had been with me - the first longest was Ginger, so I have lost the two cats I have owned the longest in such a short space of time. I do seem to be odd when it comes to losing cats, esp the ones I know are coming like Pebbles - I seem to be upset when they are still with me, so when they are gone, I am oddly fine with it - but I think it helps that when they are ill, you know that making that decision is the best thing for them, they shouldn't have to go through pain and suffering if there is no chance of getting better. It is times like this that I really can't understand people who dont believe in euthanasia for their pets, I couldn't have brought her home and watched her continue to be miserable, we were both suffering.
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I know exactly what you mean, booktigger, it is much easier for me to deal with the ones that I make the decision to end their suffering, although sometimes knowing when to say when is tough, but its the sudden deaths that hit me the hardest I'm sorry you've lost Pebbles, I know you gave her a wonderful and loving home for the last years of her life and that is what she will carry with her to the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Pebbles, play happily now
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Thank you for giving Pebbles such devoted care. I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP pretty girl.
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RIP sweet Pebbles. Play happy and free over the Bridge. Say hey to Cheeka for me, and she can probably show you around some.
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You have been an angel to Pebbles. I am so sorry for your loss. RIP, sweet kitty.
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I am so sorry about Pebbles, I can't beleive I even see her name here
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I'm sorry about loosing Pebbles, but you gave her a much better life than most other's would have. Play happily over the rainbow bridge baby girl!
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I am so sorry about Pebbles but you gave her the best life possible for as long as you could.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace and perfect health Pebbles. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm so very sorry for you loss.

Play happily over the Bridge Pebbles
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It is only 2 weeks since she died, and I am still struggling. I am not used to feeling like this after a loss (there have been enough of those - 7 in 4 years), I dont know if it is cos we fought soo many illnesses and I expected it soo much that it seems wrong that she got through things much worse, or whether it is cos it was so close after Ginger (who I knew was goign to be hard, and made worse by the fact it was unexpected, and no time to prepare, and i only got to say bye after he went, not with him).
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What a gorgeous girl. So sorry for your loss.

Rest in Peace Pebbles.
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Bit of an emotional weekend - got the final insurance payout yesterday, so the letter had me in tears. And today would have been her second anniversary of being here - so quite ironic that today is the day I officially adopted Tiger, I might class the August date as her birthday though - or give her two!! Here are some Pebbles pics - the first one I ever took of her, the last I ever took of her, and the one that shows her off best - it isn't a lovely pic of her, it shows her in my 'garden' after her amputation, she decided 2 days after having her stitches out that she wanted to go out, and cos it was warm and she had already mastered the stairs and the bed, I let her, so that pic just shows how determined she was - vet said it could take up to 6 months for her to adjust with her age, she had to prove her wrong.

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What a precious girl! She's not suffering now and is healthy and whole again. You gave her some wonderful happy years. Cherish her memories and the pain will diminish in time. She'll always be with you in your heart. Rest peacefully, Pebbles sweetheart!
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Sweet Pebbles is by your side always, she knows you did the very best for her She is with some wonderful kitties over the Bridge and they´ll all be having kitty-fun

You have some wonderful memories of Pebbles and in time those memories will make you smile again

RIP Sweet Pebbles, have fun with our special TCS RB kitties

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On No Pebbles....
how did I miss this?
As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I am reminded of how hard you tried not to leave us.
I hope that my Mew is with you at the Bridge sweetie pie.
You will be missed.
Head bumps and Purrs darling Pebbles.
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Thanks guys - I can smile at most of her pics, it is just that middle one that I can't, it shows just how close her food was to her, yet it was too far for her. It just seems so unfair that we fought so much, yet we dont know what that final thing was that she couldn't beat, I just couldn't bear the thought of the vet doing a pm to find out. She had a month and 3 days short of 2 years with me, and I know that she might not have had that long with some people. I wrote a tribute to her for another forum, and I would like to share it with you.

My darling Pebbles, so many illnesses fought in our short time together that the ending seems so unfair, as we could never get to the bottom of why you were such a sickly cat. I am glad you were with someone who was willing to fight so much for you, and also to know when it was unfair on you to keep fighting. You touched so many people, and made me a stronger (if poorer) person, and I gained a wonderful friend thanks to you. I hope you are being nice to Ginger now, love you lots.
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Ginger & Pebbles...together again.

You will always be in your Mommy's heart little ones.
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Oh I am so very sorry. Rest in Peace Pebbles
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I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet Pebbles, she is looking after you now.
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Aww Desley I'm so sorry you have lost Pebbles too,I didn't know...Its been so long since we spoke...I am sorry ...,To lose Pebbles so soon after Ginger I know you must be heartbroken. All the losses you've had,My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are praying for them and you,Please have some consolation that you gave her the very best that anybody could give.Don't ever doubt what you do Desley
You are an angel

R.I.P. Pebbles Dear sweet baby girl
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Thanks a lot - I thought I had told you via e-mail. I know I did the best for her, and she got chances that she might not have got elsewhere, which is all I can do really, and to me, the most important thing was knowing when it was unfair on her to keep fighting and to be able to let her go. I am feeling a lot better about it now, I think having others helps a lot. In case you haven't seen my other thread, Tiger is officially a resident now, I am sure Pebbles would be happy that I could give her that stability, and the love and care she got. I have no intentions of stopping helping oldies, have only helped 11 in 4 years, need to get the number higher before I can consider stopping!!
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I'm so sorry you lost your Pebbles

Rest in Peace sweet girl
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I don't know how I missed this thread. RIP, sweet Pebbles. Desley, the love and care you give these oldies is simply wonderful.
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Thanks J
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I am so very sorry for the loss of Pebbles! She was such a beautiful cat! I know she had health problems, and it is so sad that all your love and care wasn't enough to keep her here longer.

And so soon after losing Ginger. They were both blessed to have you to love and care for them. For such a young person, you have a great maturity to care for these otherwise unwanted kitties.

Rest in peace, dear Pebbles! I know you are happy and well now.

Deepest condolences, BookTigger. (((huggles)))
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