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Clipping Nails

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How often does everyone clip or have their kitties nails clipped? My kitty, Jedi, seems to grow nails faster than I ever could!
Of course HE doesn't bite his! He is almost 6 months old and we have had him since he was about 6 weeks. I have had his nails clipped 4 times already. Does that seem excessive? I have talked with people at work who have had cats for years and some say that they have NEVER clipped their nails.

Just wondering what everyone else does and if I am clipping them too often. But my gosh...they are so long and they get really pointy and very sharp. When I play with him, sometimes he inadvertently gouges me with those talons!


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I don't think that it's excessive at all.
We clip our kitties nails about every 4-6 weeks. It all depends on when we notice that they need it.
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My cats' nails get clipped whenever it seems needed, when their "loving" becomes painful that is. I'd say they get clipped around every 1 or 2 weeks, so much more often that you seem to do it. It's good for them to get the nails clipped, if they're too long, it can make playing and walking difficult, since the nails get caught on things, and I've never heard of any reason why nails shouldn't be clipped as often as seems needed. Certainly my cats have no problems.
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Just from experience, all cats nails grow at a different rate. In our house, we usually clip everyone about every 2 weeks. The more often you clip, the shorter the quicks stay and you can keep the nails fairly short.
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What are the "quicks"? Is that the part that can bleed if you cut them too short?
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Yes the quicks are the lower part of the nail with blood flow. If you keep them cut, they dont get so far up and the nails stay shorter longer.
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I clip Russell's nails every 4 weeks or so. Though I don't cut them too short because that would defeat the purpose of the scratching post I got him

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Thanks Sandie. I think I'll stick with clipping them every couple of weeks.
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