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how can i make my own sigs up ??? i dont want to keep asking someone else to do them for me lol . if anyone can give me the name of a proggramme i would be greatfull
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I'll move you over to the signature forum and they'll help you there
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Most of the signature designers use either photoshop, photoshop elements or paintshop pro. Regular photoshop is fairly advanced and very expensive so unless you are thinking about regularly doing them I wouldn't waste the $$$ and go with one of the others.

The GIMP and Paint.Net are both free and can be a little tedious to use but get the job done

Oh and generally we don't mind making another one (as long as it isn't a week after your first, there are a lot of requests), if your post is in the sig forum, we get to them at various stages as some of us are further through the list than others so you may get siggies at later dates than when you first post
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I use Photoshop, but as icklemiss said, it's very expensive. I paid $600 for mine and I only use it to update my website. Stuff like creating signatures and stupid photoshopped pictures came as a perk after
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thanx for all the information x
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I did mine w/ Archsoft PhotoImpression 4.0. I came with a camera I bought and works pretty well but doesn't have the capabilities that photoshop does. Still, for a beginer or signatures only it works well enough.
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