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Howdy, I've read all the posts about urination problems and I didn't see one that addresses this issue. My cat seems to only have bathroom problems when he's disciplined.

My cat is a 6yr old neutered male who is fully declawed. We adopted him about 2.5 months ago. I've taken him to the vet to make sure he didn't have any issues. We have to bring in a urine sample but they tested a stool sample and said there was nothing found.

He has a habit of coming into the bedroom during the night and crying quite loudly, so we got a little spray bottle and would squirt him when he would do that. Occasionally we'd wake up to find a stool on the carpet somewhere very visible.

So we stopped spraying him with the water bottle. But the other day, he jumped onto the counter and so I smacked his butt. Not hard, I don't take to beating my cat, but as soon as I did it, he ran into the dining room and peed on the carpet in rebellion. I walked into the room, not knowing he had peed yet and he saw me and bolted because he knew it was wrong.

I'm going to take his urine sample to the vet to make sure he doesn't have a UTI or anything.

Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior? I'm not going to allow him to do whatever he wants just because he's decided to rebel every time we get upset at him.

He's in a very loved environment. We spend lots of time together, we play, he curls up in my lap, I brush him, we have tons of toys for him and really do pamper him as much as possible. We clean his litter every day and it's an open box, it's in our half-bath in the kitchen so it's not out in the open and he uses it all the time.


- concerned parent in NY