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Kitty cough??

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Hey guys! I have a question...

My female, about 3yrs old, Sunny has been what I think is the kitty form of coughing. It started a couple weeks ago, and since it sounded so much like her trying to cough up a hairball, that's what I chocked it up to, and didn't think much of it. But, though she literally doesn't do it everyday, and everything about her health is completely (and I stress completely) normal, and that hairball hasn't come up, I'm starting to wonder.

Does anyone either have a website that would help me know if this is her coughing, or can anyone tell me if my assessment is correct? Like I said, she hasn't gained or lost any weight, is eating/drinking/going to the kitty box completely normally. She hasn't had any changes in personality. Otherwise, I wouldn't question, except that she sounds occasionally (and for about the right amount of time) like she's trying to cough up a hairball that just doesn't come up.

Could that actually be the case, since there's absolutely no other change in health/personality/activity? If so, what can I give her that would help her out? I wouldn't be surprised if she's having hairball issues (though this would literally be the first time in her life she's had one), since she's slightly long-haired and sheds quite a bit (not insanely, but more than your average short-haired kitty...her daddy was long-haired).

Any ideas?

Thanks, guys!
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That's interesting. No other runny eyes, no runny nose, eating ok, driking ok, using the litter box, playing, interacting with you?

She's not hiding, runnning away from you, refusing to eat or drink, messing in the house, sleeping all the time?

Perhaps she may have an allergy that only kicks up once in while. You may want to go to your address bar on the web and type in "kitten coughing" and see what comes up.
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It could be a hairball, as sometimes it can take a while to come up. Maybe some laxatone or other oral lubricant can help, if that's what it is. Personally, though, I wouldn't chance it if you think it could be coughing. Might be worth a call to the vet.
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I'll do that.

Yep, absolutely nothing different other than that. Hmm...

Thanks for the idea!
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My Harvey was having coughing problems, which we thought were hairballs, so we talked to our vet about it. It turned out that he has asthma, not hairballs at all. An asthmatic coughing attack can look an awful lot like bringing up a hairball (except with no hairball produced). Here's a web site with more information about feline asthma symptoms and a video of a cat having an asthma attack:

You might talk to your vet and ask if a chest x-ray is in order to see if it's asthma, especially if hairball remedies don't resolve the problem.
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