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Healthy food for this kitty

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We have a kitten, about 4 or 5 months. He had roundworms and an infection of some sort in his mouth. He stopped eating completely until our vet gave us Hill's canned cat food. He's been eating that for a few days.

Lately he's been having severe diarrhea so we took him off of the canned food since it has so much fat in it. What's the best kitten food we can put him on now?
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Kittens need lots of calories, i.e., kitten food for their first year because they are growing so much. I would recommend putting him back on the wet food. A wet food diet is healthier than an all-dry diet, especially neutered males as they are prone to crystals in the urine. If the kitty seems to be getting too heavy by age 10 or 11 months, then I would switch to an adult formulated food. Also, good quality foods may cost more but the cat will actually eat less because they are better nutrition and not full of the fillers used in most cheap foods which, in the long term, works out to about the same $$.

You didn't say how long he was on the wet food but perhaps his system just needs a little time to adjust to the wet food and the diarrhea will clear itself up. You could also add a little (about a teaspoon per serving) of canned pumpkin (the natural pumpkin - not the pie filler pumpkin) to his food to help with the diarrhea.
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Canned food is good but I agree his system may not be adjusted..what did he eat before??? Hills isnt my favorite as I prefer foods without by products , corn , cellulose and chemical preservatives
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I am wondering if the vet gave him some medicine for the infections? Could they be causing the loose stools?
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