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I don't know if anyone hear has experience with munchkin cats, but I think I have stumbled upon two of them. I got them from my neighbor when they were 7 weeks old and appeared to be normal kittens. However, now at 5 and half months, they are still only around 3 lbs each and have very short little legs. There bodies appear to be normal in length and they do not look skinny in any way, actually the opposite. So I'm starting to think they may be munchkins. Is there anyway to tell for sure? Or if I posted a picture would anyone be able to tell me if that's what they are? Thanks for your help.
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I couldn't tell you, but I'd LOVE for you to post pictures!
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Its quite possible. The original munchkins were spontaneous mutations. I'm sure its happened in various places. However, they just have the gene for the short legs. Unless they match the description of the munchkin standard, they are just a mixed breed.

Kinda like you still get tailless cats, but they are not necessarily purebred manx - just have a tailless gene in the mix.
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my Marshmallow is a munchkin and I've never heard of munchkins being light-weight cats, just that they have short legs.

My marshmallow is 9lb. How short are the legs on your cats? Here's a picture of Marshmallow that may help.

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Munchkins are soooo cute!! Post pics if you can showing their whole body, preferably next to something that will let us get a comparison of size.
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