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Jay and Bonnie, I'm so sorry

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Devastated. My brother and his new wife already lost enough, and now this. Bonnie and Jay were fixed yesterday, and were kept isolated in the spare bedroom. Around 6 this morning, the whole room was in flames. A lamp was knocked off a desk, and it caught the futon on fire. Bonnie and Jay didn't make it. Everyone else made it out ok, but Bonnie was my brother's little girl. Please send prayers for them, and for my brother and his wife. RIP Jay and Bonnie. I hope you find comfort in each other, and I'm so sorry we couldn't save you.
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Oh my goodness!!!! I just can't imagine the pain they must be feeling. I am so sorry for their loss!
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I'm so sorry for your brother and sister-in-law. That is so sad. RIP Jay and Bonnie, take care of each other at the Rainbow Bridge.
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Oh heck I am so sorry to read your post, as SophieC has mentioned I cannot imagine how they are feeling and coping with this sad, sad event
Nothing can be said to take the pain away, as time passes, the good memories will return and that will bring a smile to their faces once more
RIP Little precious babies, run fast to the Bridge, your new fur-family are waiting to meet you. The love from below will make you purr again
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How sad for everyone. I am so very sorry. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in Peace Jay and Bonnie
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OMG that's tragic!! Reading this has now convinced me not to leave the bedside lamp on in the bedroom with Rosie and Sophie when i go to Gils

Play happily at the bridge you sweet angels

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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
How sad for everyone. I am so very sorry. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in Peace Jay and Bonnie
how sad! i think it's harder when it's sudden & unexpected like that. please send them
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I Am so very sorry to hear this. RIP little ones.
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That is so tragic, it's unbelieveable. RIP sweet Bonnie and Jay.
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Thank you for all the kind words everyone. Everyone is taking it so hard, and even Clyde, their brother, knows they are not here but he doesn't understand why. I wish I could talk cat to him, and let him know they are ok, but I cannot.

Susan, you are so right. I never imagined a desk lamp causing a fire. We were so lucky that everyone else hid, and it was only contained in that one room of the house. They have 6 other cats, plus a litter that I am now fostering, and all have checked out ok.

I always leave the tv on for Boots when I leave, just to keep him company you know, but now... I don't ever see me leaving anything on, not to mention buying more smoke detectors. The smoke detector in their house didn't even go off.

Again, thank you so much for all the kind words. My brother and his wife just got married in October, they have been in that house less than a year, and were finally getting their head's above water. If I could hug and thank all of you I would, but just know that the intent is there, and me, and the rest of the family thank you.
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What a terrible tragedy for all of you. It is the unexpected things that are worst, I agree. I am so sorry.
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Oh how tragic.

RIP little ones.
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My condolences to your family.

Rest in Peace, play together forever Jay and Bonnie.
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How incredible sad My thoughts are with you and your family.

RIP Jay and Bonnie
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How awful for your family. My condolences on their tragic loss.

rest in peace little ones.
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oh sweet darlings, how terribly tragic

RIP Bonnie & Jay - know you were loved during your short time here with us

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Oh that is so sad. I'm very sorry for your huge loss. Thank you for making us aware of this danger. I would have never thought about a lamp as being dangerous.
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such a horrible loss for your entire family May sweet Jay and Bonnie be playing happily over RB, and may they come running to meet the 3 little children killed in their apt. fire in TN, may there be endless cuddles, pets, purrs, and smiles for those young lives so tragically lost. I hope that Clyde heals quickly, and that this be the last bad thing to happen to your brother and sis-in-law So close to the holidays, such losses are esp. rough - my thoughts and prayers go out to you all.
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