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I'm back in high school!

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Okay, not really, but it kind of feels that way. I'm at my old high school today giving talks to some of the seniors about religious life. I'm happy to be here, really, but the sense of deja vu is just weird. As I was walking to class this morning, I passed my old chemistry teacher in the hallway. I was terrible in chemistry (even failed my senior chem exam because I didn't study). I know my teacher doesn't remember, but still, walking past her made me feel really embassassed. Silly, I know.

There's actually several of my former teachers still here, so it it'll be weird seeing them too. And, I'll probably have lunch in the faculty room, which was (and still is) totally off limits to students. It'll seem like entering forbidden territory.

Has anybody else gone back to their old high school for a visit and found it a little weird?
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I'm only 14 so I'm still in high school!!
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Originally Posted by lauracatlover View Post
I'm only 14 so I'm still in high school!!
So, you must be a freshman, right? The students I'm speaking to today are mostly seniors.
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My mom now teaches at the high school where I went to, and I've gone in to meet her for lunch a couple times. It was very strange!
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Yes, I have! I went back for my siblings Graduations and it was soooooooo weird!!!
My Mom sent me a pic of my High School and boy has it changed!It's gooten so much bigger now.
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What's even funnier is if you go back to your old elementary school! The hallways, the desks, even the toilets are all so smalllllllllll!!!
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Back in 2001, my Father had a heart attack. (he is good now) I started going with him to work everyday to make sure he didnt over exert himself. He sells new football equipment and also refurbishes old equipment, too. One of the stops was my old high school, we had lunch in the lunch room that day, at the teacher/coach table. I, too, saw old teachers. It was just an overall weird feeling, sitting there with my old teahers having lunch, hoping that no one would remember anything bad I did and tell my Father and I am grown!
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I didn't visit my old high school but right after my high school graduation, I went to work as a teacher's aide and worked at my old elementary school. There were a couple of teachers that were there when I was and my old 1st grade teacher came for a visit. That was very weird since I wouldn't eat back then and now I love to eat.
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I've only been back a few times. It was weird, but a different weird since they remodeled and expanded. It's only been 6 years since I graduated, but seriously, it looked just all wrong in there!

4 people I graduated with are now teachers there too. Now that has got to be weird! I mean having your teachers....the people that sent you to detention and bored the life out of you at times....are now your co-workers! (I never ever had a detention btw! I only got my name on the board once in school too and that was in the first grades...I was scared stiff of getting in trouble!)
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havent been back but thought about it.
Esp to visit a cute teacher i had a crush on and who showed a little EXTRA interest in me my senior year.

anyways... think i would find it odd esp since I am at the age where some of the young teachers i had could be my friends. and I hated that place so much for so long.

I bet I could even point out some of my old lockers still
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I've only been back once. My old high school was one of DH's sales accounts. He talked me into going with him one day. It was really's changed so much since I was there.

My friend is now a teacher at her old high THAT was a really weird adjustment for her. She didn't feel comfortable in the teacher's lounge her whole first year, and she still can't call some of her old teachers by their first names.
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I was in high school only 6 years ago, so I haven't been back yet..PLUS its in another city. I would love to go back though, I loved high school
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