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help! best litter for formerly outdoor cat?

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We just brought an outdoor cat inside and it's going well but she doesn't know how to use the litter box!
She's peed on the couch twice - a soft brown leather couch.

Is it possible she just doesn't like the litter we use? (Fresh Step)

Is there something more natural or appealing to cats who used to pee outside?
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Start off by filling the litterbox with dirt or sand, it will be much more appealing for a cat that is not used to litter. When she has used that for a couple of days, start gradually mixing in the litter you use, a little bit at a time, until she gets used to it. Hope that helps
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she peed in the box!
I bought Worlds Best Cat Litter and then covered it with dirt from outside. And after 10 hours of holding it in, she finally peed in the box!

My instinct now is to leave the box exactly where it is and not scoop out her pee for a few days so she can smell where she went before.
Is that a good idea?

Any tips for getting pee smell out of a leather couch?

Thank you!!
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Oh you poor thing! I would first spray the couch with a homemade mixture made out of the liquid you put in a septic tank. The stuff is made from enzymes. Dilute it in a spray bottle at about 1/15 liquid and the rest water.

The stuff literally digests waste in the septic system so it will eat anything natural. I couldn't believe when I saw a friend clean up filthy ugly carpet with who knows what stains all over it. I think it's genius that he thought to use septic enzymes on it. It worked incredibly well on his cat pee smell issue. Like magic.

I don't know if it will damage your leather, so if you use this, test it first. Leather, is also natural.... The stuff will, however, get out any tough stain on the carpet, no matter what it is. Especially pee and poo. And, it is cheaper than stain cleaner of any type.

Now that she's peed in the box, it probably won't happen anymore. Just a guess. She just didn't know what to do and the leather seemed like the most natural thing to her. It makes sense if you think about it. But sorry about your sofa~
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She did it again! In the middle of the night she peed and pooed on the couch.

After cleaning it up I covered the couch with aluminum foil which seemed to work because later this morning she went twice in the box!

Now I just have to find an enzyme cleaner to get rid of the smell on the couch so she won't go there again.

And maybe keep the foil on the couch for a few days until she's using the box reguraly?
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I suggest 2 things for adjusting outdoor cats to indoors: Mix dirt in the litter (as someone suggested) or find Cat Attract litter or litter additive. Cat Attract smells very earthy and I've had great success with it for cats that acquire bad litter habits. Here's some information on it:

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