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please read, really concerned

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Hi - it's been awhile since I've been on. Tangerine blocked up again, not sure if you read his threads. he had a hard time in the summer as well and has been through 3 surgeries. Now he is healthy and the doc has a large catether in and sent him home with a big cone/hood on his head. he will not eat with the cone on, so i have to take it off to get him to eat, then he tries to pull the catether out, so i have to watch him. i am not sleeping well and just basically having a hard time... he's peeing all over the place.
my main concern is right on the back of his neck there has developed a rather large bump. could it be from the cone, and the bump is like a knot...? it doesn't seem painful to him.
he doesn't see the vet til monday, not sure if i can handle this.
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Is the bump red? Hard? Squishy? Does it move around when you press it? Is it painful?

If so, you need to call the vet you may need to go in sooner thatn your appointment.
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it's under the skin and hard...
i am wondering if it's from wearing the cone?
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I don't know for sure, but I hardly think wearing a cone would cause that. I agree with the others - call your vet and get some answers.
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Hi well Miss Moofi wore one of those plastic cones for 6 weeks - she didnt develop any lumps or bumps, so well, think you need to get him back to the vets............ keep us posted and heres sending positive healthy vibes for the little boy ........
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CALL the vet
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ok thanks guys... i called the vet... waiting on call back.
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I agree. I do NOT believe that the cone would have caused that kind of a bump. Perhaps you could ring up your vet and let him know what is going on.
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just checking did things go at the vets hope your little boy is well
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I hope the vet has called you back. Did he have any injections while he was at the vet? It could be a local reaction. I'm suprised that the vet has sent him home though, normally blocked cats are hospitalised for a few days for observation and to save the owner the mess of having urine everywhere.
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Did you ever find out what the lump was?
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Thanks guys.. i posted a whole other thread on our problems lately... whew.
turns out that the lump was nothing more than too much fluids and a cone that didn't quite fit my baby. The vet said we have other concerns and if the lump didn't go down they would test it.. so i demanded a new cone and lots of massages and the lump is completely gone.
We are going to the vet today (in 1 hour) to get his catheter out. i cannot wait. I have a million questions to ask the vet.
I just don't want him to go through this again... this is just all too much and he's so young.
This is just very hard... i really don't know what to feed him or what to do. He's been through a lot (3 surgeries, after the penial urethscomy...) i mean everyone calls tan the million dollar cat...
thinking about getting a 2nd opinion... but i am going to be paying this vet now for at least another year!
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Wow! Glad to know the lump went away.

A 2nd opinion never hurts. Good Luck!
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