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kidney problems and anesthesia

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I just dropped my cats off at the vet to be spayed and neutered. One thing the vet mentioned was pre-operative blood work to check for any liver or kidney problems that most people never even know about until their cat has surgery...and never wakes up from anesthesia. He said 1 out of every 100 cats!! So, we decided to do that.

But there's another thing, and I'm really hoping someone here can explain it to me better! A month ago we went on vacation and came home to a VERY sick kitty. She was literally on the verge of death. After 2 days in the hospital with IV fluids she was fine. The hospital she was at faxed her records to the current vet she's at and he was looking at the blood work results. He pointed that something... BDU? it was 3 letters and there was a B in it, had something to do with the kidneys anyways. The level was 85, and that they never like seeing that level over 35. At 85 she could have (or should have) died. She is now completely back to normal, been completely herself, eating good, drinking, playing, but the vet mentioned the possibility of permanent damage from that.. and that basically the pre-operative bloodwork could come back bad.

And if it does... then what? She can't go under general anesthesia? What would some of my options be if that were the case? Just trying to learn as much as I can about this possibility in case they call back and I have a decision to make.
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I don't know what a BDU is. Hopefully someone will be along soon to help you out.

Sorry about that.
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Maybe BUN? Blood Urea Nitrogen?
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coulda been that! I'm pretty sure it started with a B, had a U in it, and had 3 letters.. And doing a quick google I think thats what he was talking about! (he mentioned something about the amount of waste product..?) They haven't called back saying the blood work came back bad so here's hoping no news is good news
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Originally Posted by Lorina View Post
Maybe BUN? Blood Urea Nitrogen?
that would be my guess too

BUN is related to kindeys and yes 85 is high but some cats have bun s in the hundreds...

did the tests show anything else elevated???

I am not sure about anestesia with that number but I know with my kidney girl antibiotics before and after .... fluids before during and after.. worked for her ...

I would ask the vet to reexplain the results

How old is your kitty?>??
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How old are your kitties? It sounds like the one who had kidney issues may have had an acute attack--one that resolved afterwards. I'm guessing her blood work came back normal, since there haven't been any updates. If there had been a problem, it might have been possible to go ahead with the procedure by giving extra support to the kidneys (i.e. using IV fluids during the procedure, using special anesthetics that are less stressful on the kidneys).
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