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It's About Oliver, Again!

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Well, Oliver has his good days and bad days. Saturday we went back for a two week check up and his ears were just perfect, but he was running a fever and he still has very red, swollen gums. My vet gave him iv fluid therapy - what a trooper he was! Seems to be feeling better, but he is turning up his nose at anything I offer him to eat. He appears to want to eat, so I am thinking maybe his gums are sore, and it hurts him to chew. Can anyone suggest a food or supplement that will smell so good that he will eat it? I really need to get him eating so that I can get the lysine into him.. And I did try leaving it out of his food, thinking he didn't like the taste, but he still just picks at his food...of course Sophie and Mollie are very eager to help finish all the extra food that he won't eat! Poor, Oliver needs some suggestions! Thanks!
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Poor Oliver I've never met a cat who can turn their back on the water that tuna is packed in. You might try posting in the Health and Nutrition forum for more advice.

Good luck!
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Good luck!
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Hi again!

Well, poor lil' guy! AWWWW! The food that always gets my guys going is, of course, tuna. I buy mine from Trader Joe's, but any premium type will do. I don't feed it more than once a week, because too much tuna can cause serious health problems in cats. But once a week is okay, and boy, do they love it. Another type they love is Nutro Max Cat Seafood and Tomato Bisque, in the 3-oz. cans. Ditto, their California Chicken Supreme, their turkey varieties, and their Whitefish & Salmon Entree. Generally, my cats love fish. Any premium variety is good. Let us know how he does, okay? We are all in there praying for and thinking good thoughts about Oliver!
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