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I'm in pain

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A couple of weeks ago I had a chest infection and managed to crack a rib coughing. It was painful, but was starting to really improve, until last night. I forgot to turn the heating down before going to bed and woke up with a dry throat, coughed, and I've re-cracked the rib This time the muscles in my shoulder and neck have gone into spasm too, it is absolute agony.

I want to go home
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Oh I"m so sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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Oh my.....sooothing headbuts and please, feel better licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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OUCH!!! lots of feel better vibes for you and I'd give you a hug, but that would probably hurt
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My mum cracked a couple of ribs once and she was in agony. She couldn't even sit on the sofa and had to just sit upright on a dining chair

Hope it heals up soon though. Are you taking painkillers?.
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Oh honey, can you make it to a doctor? It sounds like you could use some pain killers and muscle relaxer.
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I'm also having a bit of a weird day at work. Our long-standing volunteer was supposed to be doing paid work today painting and decorating so wasn't supposed to be here, but he turned up here instead, resulting in several abusive phonecalls from the contractor (at around 1pm, he was supposed to turn up on the job at 8am) which we could all hear.

He has now taken the other volunteer to the pub and they have been there for over an hour, my other colleague is at some function or another, and I am here by myself - and I haven't had anything to eat yet today I can't leave the office, because when the new volunteer returns he will be locked out as he doesn't have keys.

I don't begrudge them a drink, they give up their time for no pay, but couldn't they have waited until after I had been to lunch? I'm starving
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I have some co-codamol at home somewhere, but they make me quite woozy and I wasn't going to take any before work! I'd have taken the day off sick if I hadn't promised my colleague that I would get in early to supervise the volunteers and man the phones while he's at this function. Now the volunteers have off to the pub anyway, I should have just told them to take the rest of the afternoon off, then at least I wouldn't be stuck here!
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My job is being 'restructured' in the not too distant future anyway, apparently I'm welcome to apply for the post that is replacing mine - I was told this right before the office Xmas drink-up - yeah merry christmas to you too.

Not having a good week really
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Awww.. honey I'm so sorry that you are having a time of it. I hope that you can go home soon, lay down, and go to sleep.
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PM sent
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I hope you feel better soon!
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Awww.. honey I'm so sorry that you are having a time of it. I hope that you can go home soon, lay down, and go to sleep.
Exactly what I wanted to say.
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