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I didn't have internet access for awhile. I wanted to post an update on my "ferals".

First of all, this is the Siamese mix that someone dropped off. She lived on her own for quite some time. I trapped her in October. She lived isolated from the other cats for about a month. I worked with her and after a couple weeks she was greeting me for petting and was becoming so affectionate. She moved into the rest of the house with the rest of the cats with no problems. She is still shy, and will run from quick movements but is a very sweet girl. I had named her Phoenix, but one day I was sitting looking at her and the name "Sasha" popped into my head. I said the name out loud and responded by meowing and coming over for petting. So Sasha it is. An exam revealed she is about 6-8 years old... and already spayed.

And the little baby I rescued from the barn right before it got cold. He's about 2 1/2 months old now. We named him Spooky Bear.

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Very nice update...isn't it awful how people still feel it is "ok" to dump a cat that has been living indoors. I'm so glad that she is doing well in your home.

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Bless you for rescuing Sasha and Spooky Bear I LOVED how you found out the name that Sasha likes! That is how I name my cats - the name "pops" into my head, I say it and the cat responds; sometimes it takes days till I get that right name. Spooky Bear has such gorgeous green eyes and Sasha has such an exotic look about her
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Sasha is so pretty
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cute kittys! Sasha has a very kitten-like quality to her, such a darling little face. She looks very petite. And Spooky Bear looks like such a fun little guy! Enjoy your new babys..
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What a very nice update! Sasha has such sweet sweet face. Spooky Bear is just a precious fluff muffin. Thank you for helping these babies
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Sasha is gorgeous and Spooky Bear is just cute! You've done a great job with these kitties. Bless you for helping them.
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How do you post pictures in here?
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