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Ocicat pictures - test

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The breeder emailed me pictures of Charlie We can't wait to get him

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Sorry GK - no pic???
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No pic still. I got this message on two different computers (one at home, Indiana, and one at work, Downtown Chicago):
There was a problem accessing your user profile.
This is most likely a temporary problem that should resolve itself within 10 minutes.
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Sorry guys, will have to wait for DH to come home and help me load the picture. It was showing up there initially, have no idea why it keeps disappearing
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Did the DH work out the pics yet? IwannaseeIwannaseeIwannaseeeeee!!!
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No fair! What a tease.
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Tease???? This is just plain torture!!!!
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Please see "Ocicat Pictures uploaded/fixed" to see Charlie
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