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i'm worried please advise

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i am worried about sami. the one who lives in a bedroom. she has a bad smell to her breath. it is the same smell sox had to him befor he died. i am definatly taking her to the vet first thing in the morning. but does anybody know what it could be? does this bad breath smell always mean a cat is dying? is it just infection smell? she is acting okay. i think her ears and feet were a little cold. but they warmed up after a bit of loving on her. it could just be my imagination the cold thing. but i am really freaking out here.
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i just noticed sami has not touched her food bowl! i am trying to get a hold of my husband at work who has the car and the money. i am now shaking i am so scared.
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First of all Calm Down. You can't be of any help to your cat if you are frieking out.

Did you place a call to the vet yet? Perhaps they can fit her in today instead of tomorrow? Or maybe their is an emergency vet you can call?

I don't have any medical advice, but I hope your kitty is feeling better soon. Try to think positive.
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i don't have to have an appointment at my vet just money. i am calmed down some. i give her fresh food and she is eating. her gums are normal. (pink and black) her eyes are clear their is no yellow. sox was jaundice when he died. where are you hissy???? the breath thing is what i'm worried about. thanks dtolle
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Glad to see you've calmed down!! LOL I know it can be stressful when something you love could be ill.

Thats good that she is eating, and her eyes are clear. Hopefully the breath thing is just something minor. I'm sure Hissy or Sandie will chime in here at any moment with some great advice for you. For now, just sit tight. TCS members always come thru!!

Good luck
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Oh, I am so very sorry. My older cat Baby had terrible breath, and it turned out to be a great deal of tarter on the back teeth - that I could not see by just looking at the front of them.
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I reread the post and realized that and then went back and edited out my stupid error Sorry about that!
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How old is your Sami?
Pee and poop OK?
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i looked at the back of her teeth. they are yellow. she is 4. she only had her teeth cleaned once when they spayed her over 3 years ago. i don't mean to freak out on you guys. but any time i notice a symptom sox had...i do that. he had a horrible sickly smell on his breath befor he died. and you did not have to be actually in his face to smell it. i will never forget that smell. sami has to lick me and then the scent is left on me. she has gained alot of weight living in the bedroom. i guess because she no longer has to run from sturdy all the time. i would say she weighs about 8 or 9 pounds. we actually took her to the vet 2 years ago because she was so skinny. she's not now! i hope it's just bad breath.

p.s. yes i do suffer from panic/anxiety attacks and ocd. but that's another thread. i am alot better than i used to be though! and no meds!!!
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I'm here- when you say your kitty's breath smells bad, what does it smell like to you? Can you smell it near her mouth or do you have to get closer to smell it? But if you could describe the smell that would help? Is it possible kitty just got into something that she shouldn't have? Do you have something special you can tempt her appetite with like tuna, or cheese or something you know she wouldn't turn down?

Sorry, I should of been more explicit about the smell. Does it smell like urine? Are her eyes okay? Or if you gently press down to expose her third eyelid is it yellow or gunky inside?
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well sami does have litter box problems. has been to the vet lots over that. we (vet included) have determined that it is a behavior problem. she was even on ovaban? we seem to do something at least once a week to make her mad and she will pee on the bed. she has had this problem on and off since she was about a year old. she has lived in the bedroom though for only about 9 months now. i still feel bad about that one. but she actually gets more company than the others. if anyone wants to go search and read the story on that. it was one of my first post. anyway, her poop is mushy. that is normal for her. not runny. but not solid. is that something to be concerned about? we have been through alot of stress and problems with sami. but we love her so that's okay!
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she did eat some hissy. the smell is not an ate something bad smell. it smells maybe like an infection. if she had a uti would that make her breath stink? she is probally wondering why i keep messing with her teeth and eyes. i check all my cats eyes on a regular basis. i try to be slick about. you know if you rub them hard how it will show the white on the eyes. but if that don't work i just do it. i will always be paranoid about jaundice now. i do the same to their gums. hissy i never asked this question to my vet. i'm not sure i want to know this, but how long is jaundice their befor you might notice it?
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Ok gal, keep breathing slow and steady. If your cat's breath smells like urine, she could have a kidney infection. If her breath smells sweet, she could be on the verge of diabetes. If she is jaundice then you would see it first in her eyes, second in her gums. If her breath is really foul then you have cause for concern, but not panic. Call you vet and talk to him and see if he thinks she should come in. I am not sure if the medication she is on would cause her breath to foul-up, someone like bad habit or sandie would know that better.
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she is not on any medicine at the time. well, she just peed on the bed. the vets know sami well. they will ask me to try and get a urine sample. poor sami. she has had way too many bladder infections. and even when she does not, she still will pee sometimes. i will try and get it myself befor in the morning. she is a nervous cat. and if they can just test the urine that will be better for sami. i usually can tell a uti if there is a faint "spray" smell when she pee. i'm afraid there is. maybe i should just go ahead and get some pills. my vet has no problem with me just picking up antibiotics. they know me so well with all my cats!

where is bad habit? the past 3 weeks i've been back i've not seen her post.
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Originally posted by Debra Myers
My older cat Baby had terrible breath, and it turned out to be a great deal of tarter on the back teeth
A couple of years ago when my older cat, Midnight, was alive her breath started to smell really bad too. The cause of the bad breath was bad teeth and inflammed gums. She also had difficulty eating since her mouth was sore. You said your cat's breath kind of smells like infection, so maybe she has a similar problem?????

P.S. I am glad you will be having the exact cause of your cat's bad breath determined by a vet.
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Recently I had the pleasure of meeting cyberly a very gifted holistic vet. Her articles will soon appear on the Catsite. But her website is set up so you can go there and research your cat's illness or your concern and she will give you a list of possibilities then suggest a product to go along with it.

If you kitty is having so many problems, this may just be the way to go. I know when the conventional vets could not cure one of my horses, I turned to holistic help and he healed right up! Good luck!

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Breath with a faint odor is usually just tartar build up or gingivitis. However, if it's very pungent, then there may be something going on. Typical would be gingivitis or premature gingivitis caused by a viral infection at some point, or a possible infection of the teeth or gums. Damage to internal organs can also cause variations of foul breath. If she is eating normally, I would maybe set something up with the vet to have some routine bloodwork done just to check her total body function and a really good exam on her mouth.
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vets open 8 til noon tomorrow. i am going to call first thing. they'll be like "sami right" of course!
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