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The cat truths of life.

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Here are some quotes from "A Cat Lover's Little Instruction Book" by Jasmine Birtles:
  • There is no anxiety in life that cuddling a cat won't cure.
  • Whatever you are doing, it's not as important as playing with the cat.
  • You can never own a cat, they just allow you to pay their rent.
  • If you want your cat to go somewhere tell her its out of bounds.
  • You know you have an insomniac cat if it keeps waking up every two to three days.
  • Don't bother getting a scratching post, just have your furniture re-upholstered with the most expensive and attractive material you can find.
  • Cats will rule the world the day they learn how to use a tin opener.
  • Cats are not social climbers, they usually climb the curtians alone.
  • Not all cats like fish but then not many fish like cats.
  • Its not possible to keep a cat - cats keep you.
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Oh Neil....I really enjoyed that!! Thanks for sharing it with us! (and it is very true!)
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aint that the truth
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Niel, you said it brother!!!! Thats just too true and funny.

OK, the moniters starting to wig out, so I'll talk to everyone later. If I'm lucky, I get 30 minutes online. LOL.
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How true those quotes are!
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I know, I loved them as well, thats why I posted them here
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Those are some of the most accurate statements ever! LOL
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