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My nephew Joshua!

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I don't know if I shared many pictures of him. I know I at least posted one when he was born.

He is 1.5 months now. Soo cute and I get to meet him on Friday because my sister and her family is moving back!! They actually left tonite and plan to get here on Thursday night. Get this though, they are driving a pickup truck, from Arizona to Ohio, towing a car, with a newborn baby, a cat and two dogs!

It is going to be crazy!

But here he is! Isn't he cute?

Here is Joshua!

Joshua making a face!

My sister Melissa and Joshua!
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What an adorable little guy!!!!! I bet you're excited your sister is moving back
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What a cute little guy! I couldnt imagine not meeting one of my nieces for that long!
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I KNOW I just couldn't get out to Arizona. I am sort of broke lately.
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What a cute, cute baby!!! If I were you, I'd be ssoooooo anxious to hold him Sending {{{{safe traveling prayers and vibes}}}} to your sis & family - what an adventure
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Aw, what a little sweety I wuv babies (as long as they aren't mine)
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Awww what a little sweetie
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Very cute! I want a little boy! lol
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Oh he's adorable, I bet you can't wait to hold him!! I just met my new niece last night!
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He is so precious! I know you are looking forward to holding him! Sending more safe traveling vibes!!!!!
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Awwww! I love babies! He's adorable!
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Aww he is such a cutie!
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They will be here in 5 hours!! I will probably be asleep but I will see them int he morning! I am so excited!
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YAY! Did you take the day off to hang out with baby Joshua?
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Awww! Hi Joshua!
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Awww, savor the time he is a newborn. Before you know it, he'll be already 18 months! And when your sister gets there, babysit! I know she'll appreciate it, cause having a newborn is the greatest joy in a person's life, but the first couple of months are the most overwhelming and the most tiresome for a first time mother (I am assuming she is!) It was definitely that for me and my husband!
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