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Excuse my ignorance on this subject but......

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Would someone be kind enough to tell me what TICA stands for? Thank you. I think it is The International Cat Association- and does it have behind it,not only breeders but also cat clubs etc? And what exactly is a cat club? Do you get together on pre-determined days and talk about your cats? I am not trying to be flippant here, I really don't have a clue and for what I am now involved in, I would like to understand when I email some of these breeders back so I don't make a fool of myself when they ask me some questions.

Thank you
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Yes TICA is The International Cat Association. I am new to all of this to so I will explain as I see it. If I am wrong someone please correct me.

TICA is a registry for pedigree cats. Yes there are clubs as well as breeders. I am not sure about the talking about cats part. I do know that most clubs hold the cat shows. This is all I can input. If I have in some way missed something or got something wrong someone correct me so I know.
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Hissy, I use to raise and show Collies. I belonged to the local branch of the Collie Club of America. The Collie Club did sponsor specialty shows, puppy matches, etc. in the Pgh. area. However, those who were trying for a championship went to all breed shows too, the kind you're familiar with, such as the Westminster Kennel Club show.
At the local meetings, we learned grooming tricks, how to cut black nails without cutting the quick, how to choose show quality puppies, wise breeding tips that would improve the health, personality, etc. of the breed, how to judge would-be owners of our pups, anything a Collie breeder or owner would like to know. We also knew who was reputable, followed our code of ethics, and who had healthy puppies we could recommend. We also learned how to show Collies and what judges preferred.
I know there is a Siamese Cat Club whose goal it is to stop the inbreeding that is rampant all over the United States. Unfortunately, many breeders of all types of cats and dogs often want extreme features, such as pushed in noses on Persians that are so extreme that the kittens have constant runny noses. There are Siamese breeders who are breeding cross eyed cats, even though that is an undesirable trait. I think reading the code of ethics is the best way for any breeder to judge a club, dog or cat. Many collies have detached retinas, another result of too much inbreeding. Breeders, like anyone else, can try to improve the breed or radically change it to their own taste, regardless of the harm to the breed. Even kitty and puppy farms owners will join clubs to make themselves appear to be ethical, but once they are found out, they are expelled from the reputable clubs, such as the Collie Club of America.
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