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just brought second cat home!

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I think it's going well so far, but I'm not sure since I've never introduced cats before.

Miko is a female about 3 years old and has lived with me for 2 years. We just brought home Tiger, a 9 month old female. Tiger is very laid-back and seems to have adjusted very well to her new surroundings. No hiding or anything.

Miko seems a little threatened. She mostly just stares at Tiger from a distance. And occassionaly gets up closer and hisses and growls a little. Tiger doesn't seem bothered and just backs away a little.

But there haven't been any fights or chases or anything.

Is all this normal? Anything I can do to help Miko feel less threatened and stop being a little bully?

How long does it usually take for the hissing phase to stop? It's the first day now...
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I have to say you're very likely going to be in for a lot more before things settle down (they haven't begun yet). It seems to take about 2 wks (leaving them both at large together and not behind doors, etc.) for them to stop hissing, fighting, whatever they get up to, but they should be fine afterward (unless you get really lucky and they ignore each other from now on). Don't be too worried about noisy fights and a little fur flying, only if the noise is prolonged (more than 10-15 secs at a time) and you see any blood should you intervene with a broom or something to separate them (gently!), but whatever you do keep your personal self out of it or you'll get torn to shreds! Cats lose sight of who the enemy is once they really get going and will turn on anything in sight if interrupted by your hands, etc.
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Then again too, there are times when there are NO fights, but the hissing and growling and intimidation seem to go on forever.

Tammy-Timmy is my newest one and she has decided that SHE is going to be the Alpha cat. ChanKahli is senior to her, but that doesn't seem to make any difference. But there has NEVER been a fight. Hissing, spitting, growling, but no fights.

Each cat setup is different, and I would venture to suggest that if there have been no fights as of yet, perhaps yours will just discuss things and move along.
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glad its going ok so far , and congrats for rehomeing this kittie. as the above have said it may get a little worse , but not always
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they've been able to get a little closer to each other bit by bit without Miko hissing and growling.
They even practically touched noses for a few seconds (followed by a hiss and retreat from Miko).

Miko is trying to intimidate Tiger with all the territorial hisssing, but I think she's the one who's scared.

Tiger is used to living in a colony of feral cats, some of who were big bullies, so she seems very unaffected.

I bought a feliway plug in today - maybe that's helping Miko relax a little.
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