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Hey, i was wondering if anyone could help, i'm pretty upset at the moment.

Basically, my Nan has a cat, she's had him for around 12 years, so he's pretty old, but she isn't really in a position to care for him anymore, because of health reasons, and it really is "him or Her" kinda thing, we've rung round, and because of his age, nowhere can re-house him, and it's been suggested that we should have him put down. I REALLY don't want this to happen, i don't want him to be put down because he's a little old.

He's basically a grumpy, old, disagreeable man with a cane in cat form :P he's quite violent at times, towards both adults and children, because of his bad experiences, my nan took him in from a family that used to let it's kids run riot, and as such, the cat occasionally got caught in the middle of that
so he's distrustful of children, doesn't like being in a cage, particularly, it's a bit of a struggle to get him to the vet sometimes when we put him in the carrier.

when my nan moved house, he was quite nervous about the new territory, so he stayed in his carrier for a long time, in the conservatory, but after a few visits, spending time with him, i coaxed him out and now i'm probably one of the only people who he'll let stroke him for a long time.

Essentially, i'm asking for someone (around the Nottingham, UK area) who is willing to take care of him, you really would be saving this cat's life, he can't be taken into the RSPCA or anywhere similar, we've already rung round. The only option other than someone taking him is to have him put down, which is NOT something i want to do at all.

He's quite temperamental, but if you take the time to gain his trust, he's a lot more comforable around you. I wouldn't recommend him for a house with kids in, since he's quite edgy around young children. probably form the ages of 15+ is ok though, as long as they treat him well.

if you think you could take care of him for us, please email me at

we can drop him off, as long as it's not too far, email me and we'll come to an agreement, i really wouldn't be doing this unless i had to, but he's a healthy cat with no real reason to be put down, he isn't suffering, nothing wrong with him. so if it's possible, i'd love to simply move him rather than the alternative.