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Weird bedtime behaviour

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I am curious about some behaviour that has cropped up in the last year. I don't find it disturbing - just very weird!

My cat is a 5 yr old, indoor-only, neutered male. He almost _never_ meows - usually only when distressed (in the car) or when playing. I made him a toy out of an old sock that I rolled up into a ball, which he occasionally likes to bat around and pounce on. I never play with him with the sock - he completely ignores it when I throw it.

At night, when I go to bed, he carries the sock in his mouth, back and forth between my bedroom and the living room, constantly meowing mournfully. He looks just like a mother cat carrying a kitten. He'll walk into my room, sock-in-mouth, meowing, then trot off into the living room, meowing, only to return a moment later. This only lasts for about five minutes - about a dozen round trips - before he jumps in bed with me and stops whining, sometimes with the sock, sometimes without.

This started about a year ago, for no apparent reason, and seems otherwise quite happy and healthy. Any ideas why he does it?
It seems like very strange behavoiur, just because he is usually so quiet and well-tempered.

Jeff J
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Jeff! OMG - I am laughig my socks off here!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
That must be some sight to see! What a good 'mommy' he is being!
I really have no answer for you other than maybe it is a comfor thing for your boy?
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My cat, Socks does almost the exact same thing except instead of a sock, she has a stuffed Minnie Mouse. It's about the size of my hand and she likes to carry it back and forth back and forth and meow very loudly. What a coincidence, because sometimes she brings it to the bed, and sometimes she doesn't! I've never really wondered why she did this, I just thought she'd been influenced by the dog into carrying things in her mouth.
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