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Wellness exam and mini vet rant

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The kitties went to the vet today for their annual wellness exams. They're all just fine. But once again I experienced something that makes me question where my vet's primary interest lies. When I made the appointment I told the receptionist that this time they were getting ONLY their rabies shots because we're going to the three-year interval for the distemper shots. Again when I checked in I told the receptionist they were getting only their rabies shots today. When I saw the doctor I said we were going on the three-year distemper schedule and she said that was fine. So then when the vet tech came in the room with two syringes I wondered about that but before I could say anything she jabbed Mellie with the first syringe. And as she prepared to jab her with the second I asked, "What's with the two needles?" And she told me she'd just given the distemper shot and the second was for rabies.

The doctor was standing right there and I told her we had agreed to go on a three year schedule and she said she assumed starting now and I said, no, starting LAST year. Which I thought they had understood when I said they were getting only rabies today.

My sense is that they snuck in that distemper shot when they knew I didn't want it, and did it in such a way that it was too fast for me to stop them. They knew I really needed the rabies shot, so they gave the distemper shot first before I could stop them. And the funny thing is that they KNOW that I don't want my cats to get two shots in one day; I prefer to bring them back when they need more than one.

This is not the first time that I think this vet has done extra services that I didn't want and wasn't expecting. The main reason I go to this vet is because she's so good with cats and the kitties like going there. I've taken them other places, but this is the place where they're on their best behavior and don't freak out and cause problems.

But I think this vet is more interested in making money than in providing the service that the clients want. What do you do when the vet your cats do best at is also a vet who tries to squeeze more money out of you than you planned every time you visit?
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I can certainly empathize with the way you feel. People just don't listen anymore.

I think that's why I love my vet so much, because if I tell her, spay only, no shots....that's what I get, spay only, no shots. If I tell her checkup only....it's checkup only.

When DiddoKahli came home with me to have the under the skin fluid therapy over the weekend, my vet stood there and made sure I understood EVERYTHING that I need to in order to do the job right.

Are your babies OK?
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I say find another vet. If you feel they were trying to sneak in the distemper shot, it is likely they were. Any vet that would do that to me I would want to give a swift kick in the butt to! Sorry about Mellie getting the extra vacc you didn't want.
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Thats a tough call..the vet should respect your decisions as much as she respects the cats. If they can't follow a simple guideline putforth by you, then perhaps you should look for another vet.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I say find another vet. If you feel they were trying to sneak in the distemper shot, it is likely they were. Any vet that would do that to me I would want to give a swift kick in the butt to! Sorry about Mellie getting the extra vacc you didn't want.
I second this.
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The trouble with finding another vet is that other than trying to extract extra money for unnecessary and undesired services, she's actually a pretty good vet and the kitties like her.
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I can understand you completely. I have a vet that's like that now and this is the one I switched to because I had a bad experience at my other one with a newly hired vet (right out of school). The problem with this vet is that when spacing the shots out (like you said - so there aren't 2 in one day), he charges a complete wellness exam again. I"m talking like I have a wellness exam done, one vaccination, make the appointment to come back for the other very shortly there after and they charge a complete wellness exam again. I asked the vet why and he said he likes to just make sure they are ok. But he just did that. And isn't it my responsibility to make sure my pets stay healthy? I just bring them in once a year for an overall exam. That's done. You don't need to do it again. $48 per wellness. No shots.
The first vet I went to had what they called a tech visit. Meaning for the second shot I could schedule a visit up to 2 weeks out and they only charged like $10 for the tech to give the vaccination.
I unfortunately tend to believe that there are sadly a lot of vets out there in it for the money only
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Honestly, it doesn't sound like the vet was trying to make more money off of you- it sounds like there was just an honest lack of communication and understanding on both parts. You have already said she is a good vet and is excellent with your kitties. I see no need to switch vets...instead, I would be extremly clear- and make sure they understand detail for detail what you want (it sounds like you tried to before hand, but maybe the way you worded it confused them? Or they just didn't understand what you wanted today). Give her another try....just be very detailed....next time keep the kitty in the carrier and watch how many needles they bring out before you let them give a shot and double check before you allow them to do anything It just sounds like an honest mistake.
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I would call and have a long talk with the vet.... I have been quite lucky in my area all the vets do what is asked nothing less or more..

If you can try to find a holistic/conventional vet ... For me and the girls this works out so well ...
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It was probably partly my fault for not confirming that my wishes were communicated to the vet. I told the front desk people and I suppose I assumed they communicated it back to the vet. But I guess they didn't and when I discussed it with the vet I didn't specifically mention I wanted only rabies this year. But I'm pretty sure the vet tech knew. I suppose the vet told her to prepare two shots and so she just went ahead and prepared two shots without saying something like, "but he told me he was only getting the rabies shot today."

But I've had a similar problem before with this same vet, so it does make me wonder whether she tried to sneak an extra vaccination in there on me.

I once had a long talk with her about the fee she charged for a fungal culture -- her fee was twice what other clinics in town were charging -- and she got a bit upset about it, so I'm not inclined to have any more long talks with her.
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