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One warm red ear?

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Stupid Question! Dorian has one ear that is really red(considering he's buff it really sticks out like a sore thumb). It feels warm, too. Should I be worried? I've never noticed anything like this before on any of my kitties, so I'm a litte !
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Honey, NO question is a stupid question. How else can we learn?

As for your baby....if the ear is swollen and red, I would call the vet. It could be a cyst. Do you notice any scratches? Do you have other cats that could have scratched his ear? If not, do you think he did? In any event, it should be looked at. By the way, is it hard, or squishy?
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It's not swollen or anything. There's no scratches. It isn't nearly as warm anymore, either. I'll call the vet tomorrow am if it's still red then. I felt a little silly calling because Dory's ear was red & warm if it was nothing.
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Don't feel silly. You are a wonderful meowmy. That's the way we are. Our babies come first.
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My dog Buddy gets red warm ears when he has an ear infection. He gets them alot so any time I feel his ears and they are warm he gets a trip to the vet. Ive never had a cat do it though.
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I called the vet this am before I had to leave for the day. He said it's probably nothing. It wasn't very red or warm this am. Tonight it's nothing. He does sleep curled up onto Damtia on that side & she's like a heater, so I wonder if he was being a good "husband" & sleeping next to his sick "wife" all the time.
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