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Wellington - Man of the House?

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I have posted before about how Wellington has started being strangely sexual with me when he kneads me or asks for pets. Yesterday I heard a terrible noise upstairs and rushed up to find him trying to mount Persil, and she was fighting back as hard as she could. He was on top of her, biting her neck while she tried to turn and bite and scratch him. I also noticed today that Ellie has a bald patch just above where her collar bones meet, and I wonder if that was caused the same way. He has only started all this since Napoleon died and I wonder if it is because he is now the only 'male' in the household. Could he be trying for dominance over all 'his' females, including me? And what, if anything, can I do about it?
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Hmmm, that's a strange one! I can relate because as you know, Tibby tries it on with me and does try it on with Molly from time to time. The funny thing is that he doesn't do it to Annie - possibly as she's on a bit of a power trip to have Tibby fall from Alpha position, but I can't guarantee that!

The only thing that I have found that helps a little is to provide Tibby with items of my clothing that he can use - although he does this without my permission anyway

If you can find an item of your clothing that Wellington likes, then you could try redirecting him towards that when he's in the mood.

Just a thought, can you tell which social layer each cat is on?
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My male cat does this to my female cat a lot. Alice doesn't really fight but she doesn't really like it. She will take it for a few seconds and then start crying and trying to get away. I always thought it was a dominance thing. Maybe Alice has just accepted Patches dominance and that is why she doesn't really fight back. I have read here that a female is usually the Alpha cat, but with my two Patches is definitely the Alfa. He has never done it to me though. I don't think I have ever had a cat do it to me. It is really common in puppies though. With puppies though I think it is sexual because neutering always seems to stop it.
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What bemuses me is that it has only started the last couple of months. Wellington is 18 months old and was neutered at 6 months. Dushka is now Alpha (that has also changed since Napoleon died) and he keeps out of her way, as she growls if he comes too close. The other two groom him and play with him a bit, but don't normally 'fight' with him, that was something he did only with his brother. At night he always wants a cuddle before settling down, and I push him away when he starts to get too annoying. Then he likes to sleep on my dressing gown, which I leave on the end of the bed for him, but he usually just settles down on it without attacking it in any way. I can't believe I'm writing this about a cat!
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