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Missing Cat

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My boyfriends mums cat has gone missing, it's 2 weeks today and he still hasnt turned up. We are desperate to find him.
They moved house a few months ago, and kept the cats inside for a good month before letting them into the garden, everything was fine and both of them (brothers) always came in when called. On Friday 23rd, only one came back after being let out in the afternoon. We have put up posters all over the place, have put a box out with his blanket in, and nailed bits of blanket to the trees fairly close by as suggested on this site. We are all really upset that he hasnt turned up, and are wondering whether someone could have pinched him. They are Cornish Rex's and are quite distinctive. The area they moved to is very rural, being just fields and lanes, with farms etc, about 8-10 miles from where they used to live. We wondered whether he could be trying to make his way back to the old house, and have put posters up around there, and let old neighbours know. There is ads in the paper.......We dont know what else to do?

Strangely his brother doesnt seem to be pining for him?
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ooops put this in the wrong forum, can one of the mods please move it. thanks
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Please go to this thread and read Hissy's posting of some excellent information on finding lost pets.


In the meantime, I will send all of my "Come Home" vibes your direction in hopes that your kitty will come home soon.
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thanks for the info.....the upsetting thing is that we've done everything mentioned on there....but with no success.

we are off in about an hour for a midnight patrol to see if we have any luck finding Wooster....there's miles to cover....just hope we're lucky

has anyone else heard that adult cats very rarely go missing? this was the opinion of a vet in our area today?

also, does anyone have any info about cats that try and make it backto their original homes? I've heard to get a map and draw a straight line between the old and new house....that is the likely route they will take? or is it just an old wives tale??
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Unfortunately, we have had three members with missing cats in the last month. Two have already come home. They were all adults. As I'm sure you read in Hissy's information, make sure you leave something near the house with your odor on it, something very sweaty.
She also suggests going outside in the quiet hours, 3 a.m., or thereabouts, sitting very still, and calling your cat.

I did find a home for a rescued cat once-about 2 miles from my house. That cat came back twice. Since I had my quota of cats, we found an indoor home farther away. She was happy there. I have never heard of the "straight line" theory, but animals have very good senses of smell. I'm sure they would find the easiest way for them. We've all heard of the "Lassie, Come Home" type of kitty miracles. I add hopes and prayers to yours that he makes it home unharmed. Please let us know.
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we did the midnight search party last night and still no signs of him

i'm worried

we will keep trying though.....we can't give up.

i just hope he's OK somewhere....cornish rex's are very intelligent cats andi'm hoping he's used his charms on someone to give him some food and a warm bed till he makes it home

i'll keep you all posted
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I hope the wayward lil' miss finds her way home!!


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