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Got a little harness and a leash......

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Boyohboy does Brady want to go OUTSIDE.

He has joined the "pack" upstairs and no longer hangs out in the downstairs bedroom. Whereever we are, that is where he is-normally. He enjoys roughhousing with Daddy on the ottoman next to Daddy's feet. He has taken to "charging" Sophia, who has no idea how to react. Both of our dogs treat indoor cats with kid gloves.

About the only time he is not in the same room with us is when he is smack next to one of the doors, yowling his little feline heart out. I may change his name from "Brady" to "Placido". And he did get out once, but instead of returning on his own steam I had to go trap him.

So I broke down and got a little harness and thin leash. I usually go for a 1/2 mile hike with the dogs every morning and evening in the woods on our property, and Brady knows the routine. He has figured out that me getting out the dog collar is a sign that the front door is about to OPEN and perhaps if he positions himself strategically he might get his freedom.

Does anyone else give their cat a taste of abridged freedom like this?
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Bagheera had a harness and leash. He loved to go out with me and the dogs and lay in the sun. None of the other cats go outside.
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Tailer thinks he wants to go outside, so I got him a harness and leash. Unfortunately, once he actually gets outside, it TERRIFIES him and he just crouches down and cries. Then he can't get back inside soon enough.

It does cure him of wanting to go out for a while, though. Since we live on a very busy street I'm always afraid of him getting out unsupervised and getting hurt or killed. So when he starts acting like he wants to go out, I harness him up and take him out and scare it out of him.
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I used to take my RB kitty, Willy, outside on a harness and leash. He never wanted to go any farther than our front stoop, which was actually almost at sidewalk level (at my old apartment). But, he loved sitting there with me watching all the neighborhood activity and getting some loving from any cat people that happened by.
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I'm considering getting one for Radar but I fear looking stupid tbh
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Well I tellya, when he DID get out at the beginning of November, he meowed at DH for a day or two and then vanished into the woods. I kept thinking he would find his way back but I think it was like a little kid who runs away from home and has to cross a fourlane highway. Running away gives you the courage to cross it, but somehow he could not make it back. I set the trap where I had caught him the first time and ending up catching a very angry plush black cat instead! I know that cat and I think he had been kicking Brady's butt out there and making him scared. I was so sure that Brady was there, though. When I said "brush you" as I had been doing when I offered to brush him at home I heard this rustling in the woodpile and knew it had to be him.

The next night I caught him and after we got him home he was a changed cat. It was like he said to himself "this is pretty good here, the people are nice, event he dogs are nice, I'm going to be as friendly as can be."

But now he is back to trying to head out. I wish it would get REALLY cold, like -20 just to convince him to stay inside, but probably even that would not bother him.
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