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Mad Kitten :o)

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Hi i bought a lovely little Kitten, she is a Calico Tortoiseshell, no special breed, a typicle moggie, we got her 2 weeks ago, she is a bundle of fun. she is 10 weeks old now. We called her Willow, she is completely mad, climbs up the net curtains, right up to the top now, jumps on everything claws everything, especially your arm :0) bless her. She is a typical healthy fun loving kitten (i think) she can be out of control sometimes though.
Is this normal for kittens to be so energetic and clawing and jumping, and biteing everything, she can be a bit of a handful sometimes,we have never had a kitten before, we have always had rescue cats. She is absolutley adorable but can be a bit wild sometimes, is there anything you can do to calm them down a bit, or will they just carry on being mad. How old are they when they calm down, or dont they ever calm down. She is so intelligent and aware of everything, she brings us hours of entertainment, and fun and laughter, but sometimes when you want to sit down and relax, she will be climbing up the curtain and scratching the furniture.We keep saying NO but she dosent take a blind bit of notice.
Can anyone give me some advice.
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When my cat, Snowball, was a kitten we combined spraying water on him with the word "no". For us, this really worked well, eventually the word "no" was enough to stop his misbehavior.

Cats hate the smell of citrus, you might try spraying your curtains with some citrus scented air freshener to keep the kitten from climbing them. I have found that you might need to refresh this scent a couple of times a day.

To keep her from scratching the furniture, you might get her some sisal (rope) scratching posts if you don't already have them. I use this type of scratching post at home and I rub some packaged cat nip into them so the cat will continue to be attracted to them. Good luck!
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I refer to this as the "kitty Commando" stage.....
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I think your little girl is just being a kitten - she has a lot of personality $ energy!

PS - my other thoughts on this are that she is giving you what she would have been doing with her littermates. She was a little young to be away from them. She will calm down in her own time. In the mean time - enjoy the ride!
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Your kitten is being perfectly normal. It is the kitty kamakazee stage of her life! LOL I have two right now running amuck around my feet.

if you can get another kitty for her to play with that will help. Give her interactive play time with you, meaning find an old fishing pole and tie a light toy on the end and reel it in and out and let her chase it, wears them out quick.

I wouldn't suggest spraying your kitty with water. You could inadvertently get water in her ears and cause problems. It is just as effective to take an empty pop can, and put a few pennies, or marbles, or ball bearings inside and tape up the top. When she is conquering the drapes, just shake the can in her direction and she will be startled out of her behavior.

Good luck with her- you'll need it!
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I would also suggest that you begin NOW trimming her nails. If you start now, she will become used to it and won't struggle when you try when she is older.

Also, trimming her nails will greatly minimize any damage she can do while still a little wild child!
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