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Top Ten Signs That You Are A "Crazy Cat Lady":

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1. Your colleagues no longer ask how your weekend was. Instead they ask how your cats are doing.

2. People at work have stopped offering you their lint brushes. They realize it's hopeless anyway.

3. When you get your latest roll of film developed, there's not a single human being in the pictures.

4. You have more cats than the local pet store and there are several kitty litter boxes in every room of your apartment.

5. Your personal motto is: "You can never have enough cats."

6. You buy more than 60 pounds of cat litter a month.

7. You'd rather watch hours of boring infomercials than disturb the cat sleeping on the remote.

8. You choose your friends based on how well your cats like them.

9. The only time you leave your apartment is to feed the stray cats in the neighborhood.

10. You introduce your cats by name to the pizza delivery guy.
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i am sooo guilty of #7. if one of my cats is on something or me i'll wait until they move. if i have to go to the bathroom i'll hold it as long as i can. and #8 is pretty true too! basically if someone does not my like cats i don't like them. it's the catway or the highway!
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Am I turning into a mad cat woman? I was nodding an agreement to all of these, even though some are a little more extreme than my current behaviour.

There's always room for improvement though . . .

Thanks Lorie, I enjoyed that!
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Hello, my name is Heidi, and I'm a Crazy Cat Lady. :LOL:

#3 is absolutely the truth. I haven't taken a picture of a human in years!
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OMG!! Is there a Crazy Cat Lady 12 step program? I need it bad! If so, please e-mail me at ilovemycats@catsrulemylife.cat.meow :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2
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I think there are only support groups, Kumbulu, with The Cat Site being one of the best around. Besides, do you really want to be cured of this addiction?!?! :laughing2
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I am so guilty of # 3!!!!

The last 3 rolls of film I had developed were all of Kiki. Not one single person was in the pictures. My husband thinks that I over do it. When I have film, I use it all on Kiki!!!
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When I had my first cat, Tara, I remember being shocked at the number of pictures of her in my photo album. I didn't realize at the time how many pictures I had taken. I also have lots of my 2 babies I have now. Oh well, they look so cute, how can I resist them?
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Now I feel a little more normal!

When I excitedly ask friends, family and work colleagues if they'd like to see the photos I've just had developed they cringe and say (sarcastically) "Sure, we'd love to see more photos of Tatiana". Tatiana had two full albums of photos (plus a special 1st Birthday Party Album) and I must have at least 10-12 photo pockets full of loose photos of her!

Since we adopted Phoebe (after we lost Tatiana), I've tried to refrain from taking too many photos - now I make sure that I at least get a couple of token shots of humans, nature etc. (he he he)

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My Grandma thinks it's so weird when I phone home to ask my flatmate if Coco has eaten or done wees or poos. But she is so new, I want to make sure she's ok and of course, no-one can take care of her better than I can! What's really funny is that my flatmate said she thought of ringing me on the mobile when Coco went poos but thought my Grandma would think SHE was crazy!
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He he he - I ring home from work to ask Tom if Phoebes gone to the toilet too!
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Regarding the second symptom, why is it that black slacks do not show white fur until you get to work and the whole world is staring? I used a lint brush before leaving the house, honestly!!

My left leg has a chronic charlie horse because Blueberry likes to sleep on it. I guess I know he's there, because he never gets bounced off by mistake. I don't think he gets charlie horses either. Precious prefers to lie on my arm. Maybe when I go to the doctor for muscle and joint problems, (:tounge2: ) I should tell him I have a Blueberry leg and a Precious arm.

Not to be an Andy Rooney, but why don't they care if they disturb us when they jump on us in the middle of the night? The window sill bungie jump is the worst!!
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I agree Jeanie!

The window sill bungie jump is the worst! Phoebe has a set routine (at 5am EVERY morning) of jumping on the bed and walking all over us, meowing in our face, purring VERY loudly directly into our ears then proceeding to the window sill. As she jumps up onto the window sill she's sure to do it as clumsily as possible so as to cause the weights and chains of the verical blinds to bang loudly into the wall!

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Trent does something similar to the window sill bungie, he does it to the top of our headboard. The problem is that it is one of those wall-unit headboards, so it is about 7 ft. high! Trent also walks like an elephant. I have never seen such a heavy footed cat. Oh, and did I mention that he likes to launch up to the top from our bellies? I've developed pretty good abs since he started doing that! The funniest time, though, was when Trent was mad at hubby for something (telling him no, I think), so he jumped off the bed directly into the, er um, lower abdominal area. After finding out that hubby was OK, I about died laughing. That was the only time Trent did that, too - the one time he was really mad! :laughing2
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OMG - I am soooooooooooooo guilty of most!!
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Heidi, Sit down. I have to tell you that your precious kitty, Trent, does not have to stomp around like an elephant. He is doing that on purpose. I have two cats who can walk all around my china music boxes and collectible glass with powder puffs for feet, but stomp on me when they want me to get up. As for your husband's "abdomen", Trent has an "abdominal area" which is similar. Your son, Trent, I fear, is a juvenile delinquent. Sorry to break it to you!
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Actually, Jeanie, Trent walks like an elephant on the regular floor, too. We have one of those no disturb mattresses - the ones where they drop a bowling ball and it doesn't knock over the pins in the commercial. When we bought it we told the salesman that our kitty would be able to disturb us even with the special springs. He thought we were kidding. I know the downstairs neighbors can hear him running around the apartment. I can sometimes *feel* it when he jumps down from the kitty tree to the floor. He has as much agility and gracefulness as a rhino in a tree. :laughing:

Although I have to agree with you, he is a bit of a delinquent. I place the blame on myself, I let him get away with just about anything. He's spoiled. I just can't say no to that cute little face! In that one particular instance, he was just plain mad at Daddy. I'm not sure how he knew exactly where to aim, but he sure did!
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Let's face it; they're all spoiled. My babies always run to me if they've done something wrong, though. I'm sure it's a ploy to make sure I don't stay angry. We're outsmarted, I fear.
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