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I missed everyone!

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Hi all! I'm back! Its been about a year and half since I've been active on the board and I have missed it!

My corporation blocked the site after they realized it was a bulletin board. Only they called it "chat". Around the same time they did this, I was hired part time as an assistant director with a production company. At the same time, a friend and I started our own production company doing children's shows. So outside of work, I didn't see a computer screen!

Its been a rough 2006. The production company has since closed. Luckily, we didn't put a lot of money into it. Then my fiance died 6 months ago. Well, I'm not sure if you can call him my fiance since I had given the ring back the month before. The topper of the year...my corporation closed my office as of December 1. I'm out of work and on unemployment for the first time since college. When I was on unemployment the first time, you had to go to the office weekly cause the home computer and cell phones were not in every hand.

But I'm healthy, I have a good severance package, and the possibility of a good temp job. My 2 boys are sleeping on the couch behind me. They're both fat and sassy. All of my feral colony have been trapped and neutered except the alpha male...he's too smart to fall for a cage.

I'm glad to be back. I've been lurking for a few days catching up on a few older threads (Way to go Pengy! )

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Good to have you back!!!! See you in the threads
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and welcome back!
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Hi Sandy and welcome back to TCS!

You have had a tough year! I'm sure that 2007 will bring much promise for you!
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Welcome Back Sandy!
you were Missed here!..
I´m glad that you could to be here again!
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Hello and welcome back!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you around the boards!
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