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Water dish behavior..

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Hello everyone I have a 5 month old kitten, she has never done this before at all and this past week when I give her more water in her dish she splashs it everywhere, I have yelled at her disaplined her, sprayed her with water and everything, is this something like a "Terrible two's" ??
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She's just playing, and being a kitten. She just found a new game and she thinks it's fun right now. Most likely she'll grow out of it. Yelling at her and disciplining her, including spraying her with water, will only teach her to fear you, not to stop playing in the water.

Best you can do is put the bowl someplace where it won't be as much of a mess to clean up. Try putting it in the bathtub, or inside a larger container/pan.
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Haha! So cute!
Some time back I bought the CatIt Waterfountain for Singa.
The first day she only played with it. She was completely wet, the floor was wet, her pawprints everywhere....
Oh well. I laughed and put some kitchen towels around the area so that she doesn't make such a mess.
But yeah... she grew tired of it quickly :o)
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Just being a kitten! You want to get a heavy bowl for her water so she can't tip it. They will push it untill they get thier precious paws wet!
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