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GPS Locators For Finding Lost Cats

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I'm not sure which forum this belongs in, but I found this information on another site and wanted to share it here.

Find Your Lost Cat With Electronics

New Age GPS Systems for Finding Lost Cats

First, someone came up with the idea of tattooing cats with a unique number which could be fed into a database in case the cat was lost. Next, the ubiquitous microchip was specifically designed for pets. Inserted with a simple injection under the fold of skin between a cat's shoulders, it is relatively inexpensive, although it has some drawbacks. Since there is more than one source of the chip, veterinarians and shelters must use scanners that are compatible with a given cat's microchip to find a match.

In today's age of electronics, it's no surprise that the next invention would be an electronic cat finder - in fact the only surprise is that no one had come up with one sooner. There are already a couple of versions, and I'm sure more are just around the corner.

Mobile Locator This works with a device attached to the pet's collar, which emits a signal that can be picked up with a special mobile-phone-type of handheld monitor.

Cat Locator & Trainer A transponder mounted on the cat's collar transmits both a beep (capable of being heard for 100 yards) and a red light (for finding your cat in the dark.) You trigger the beep by pressing a button on a remote.

With a GPS locator for children already on the market, it's not surprising that one would follow for cats. In fact, I'm surprised that no one has yet come up with a microchip which would not only provide information on owners of lost pets, but which would also transmit a GPS signal which could be received by the pets' owners. I'll bet you a can of sardines that something similar to this is out within a year or two, but it will be pricey.

If you're not up to chasing your cat around, he'd be better off as an indoor pet, OR you could just opt for an electronic cat.
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Wow! That's interesting!! Thanks for the info!! They are always coming up with something new!
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