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She didn't used to be such a naughy kitty!

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Our cat, Cassie, is around 13 yrs old and has been acting out over the last several months - she never used to behave like this so we're a bit perplexed. Hoping you all might have some thoughts or ideas as to what might be causing the change in behavior?

She is constantly getting into places & things that she knows she shouldn't like the kitchen counters & other "off limit" type places. She will get into ANY food if left unattended for even a minute. We try our best not to tempt her, we know she's an animal and can't be blamed for getting into an unattended pizza but it's beyond that...she's chewing holes in plastic bags and helping herself to bread, eating off of my son's plate (he's 19 mos) while he's at the table, licking dishes in the sink, stalking food on the stove during dinner & getting into the garbage. She acts as if we don't feed her but she has a bowl of dry catfood that is always out, which she seems to be eating w/ no problem. I fill it every morning so I know she's eating.

Any ideas as to why a 13 year old cat who definitely knows better would suddenly start acting like an unruly kitten?

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Have you spoken to her vet about her increased appetite? I'm wondering if it's a thyroid issue, perhaps, but then again, I'm not an animal medical specialist.

I'd say it is time for a vet check!
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I agree. Time for a vet visit-sounds like she has an increase in hunger. Could be a sign of thyroid or diabetes.
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Yes, I would have her vet checked, that does not sound behavioral.
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Okay, thanks for your replies. I hadn't even considered that it might be related to her thyroid. I will definitely take her in...

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Just wanted to follow-up & say thanks again for the advice to bring Cassie in to the vet. Turns out that she did have hypothyroidism but only as a secondary condition related to the onset of chronic renal failure. She didn't really exhibit any of the other symptoms so I guess she was just telling us in the only way that she knew how. We have her on a Rx diet now and already her demeanor & behavior has improved. Hopefully it will help her live out the rest of her remaining time in relative peace.

Peace to you and thanks again...
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