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Interested in helping support our troops?

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For those that don't know, my husband Erik is in the 82d Airborne Division and will be deploying to Afghanistan for a year in January.

While he is deployed, I'm going to be sending packages for the other soldiers in his company as well - there's a lot of single guys that may not get that much mail.

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in chipping in - purchasing everyday items the soldiers may need, making sure they get cards and letters to let them know we're thinking about them and support them, and special holiday items at different times of the year so they can still celebrate. If you are, please PM me and I'll get you my email address - I'll be starting an email mailing list and updating everyone on when I'm sending out boxes and what is needed.

How would this work? In the email I will provide my mailing address. Anytime you have things to send over, you would just send me a box of whatever you have, and I would add it to my collection. Every few weeks I'll send out a box or two over there - Erik and I are still figuring out how we'll distribute everything (he'll work on his side to get a list of guys who are interested in being supported). For holidays, I will mail each guy involved their own little box of goodies.

Everything would be kept anonymous and you wouldn't have to share your full name or address with the guys unless you want to (some nice friendships may develop from this, who knows ).

I'm planning on supporting the guys regardless of how many people want to help out, so please let me know if you're interested in getting on the mailing list even if you can't help out all year.

*Also, if you happen to know a soldier currently deployed who would benefit from what we're doing, I'd be happy to add him/her to our mailing list, just get me their information.*
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That's very nice of you to do that........I contribute through my brother who's in the reserves, but I'm sure they apprecaite anything that is sent!
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Awesome, I'm glad to hear you do.
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Thank your husband for serving! I contribute thru an organization here in NH and I know that one thing they like is antibacterial hand soap and moisturisers! Thank you for doing this for your husband and the troops!
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what kind of stuff should we send?
Nudie Magazines? books? can we send treats? word puzzles? shampoo? I dunno...help me out here, give us some examples of great stuff to send.
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