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male kitten HELP

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ok took a kitten in early november was told 6 weeks(which i buy as he had just a tad bit of blue to his gold eyes). well today I found him mating? with my female-is it possible at 11-12 weeks for him to have any active sperm or what? freaked out of my mind waiting for vet to call back for a neuter/spay date
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good news is i have appt later this week going to get the other 2 girls done next week(dont think he got them or anything really happened but was going to wait till jan(work slows down then) to get them done but might as well be on safe side..sighhhhhhhh
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Were they actually mating or was he simply mounting her and making the moves?
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im going to be honest i never thought it would happen this early..i work nights so was just dozing off and i heard a female in heat sound and im like na the girl is 5 ish months(know it can happen early but though i had a month for boy) the girl was acting like it took with one exception-she didnt scream but was rolling and licking.i am so darn pro spay/neueter and shocked that i have this story. i almost wonder if it was more of a power play on the boys part and just so happened it stimulated her?
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That would be my guess here too. At 11 to 12 weeks old, my guess is that your boy has not reached sexual maturity far enough to produce viable sperm. However, your girl ... that sounds like she ovulated after mating. It could result in a false pregnancy - let's just hope you get those appointments now real soon.
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i made appt as I was posting...drop them off friday am so no problem even if something happened. odd thing is benji(one of my other cats) usually is the first to notice a girl going in heat but hes been a bit off the wall lately(he fixed but no one told him....sighh:P) thanks for your help
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Its great that they will bve speautered on friday! I also caught my cats doing something similar at 5mnth, and my vet made an exception and nautered them a month early.
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they went in yesterday(i was so upset just realized i put wrong day..) they came through fine the boy is so bouncuing off walls-love getting them done early as they come home fine) and the girl is a bit slower but shes doing great-and NO signs of pregnancy or heat?!?! lol i guess it was a act but its all over so happy with that and once again my gang is now all fixed again woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
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That's excellent news!! So glad your little ones are home, safe and sound. Now, do something nice for yourself today - you've earned it!!
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