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Nervous kitty.

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Hi,I'm new here. A couple of months ago we adopted 2 cats, both fixed. One is a approximatly 2 year old female cat, and is actually small for her age with thin fur.(Her belly is almost bare, and has a patch on the side missing. might have been from an illness she had before we got her.) Her name is Morgan. and the other is a 9 month old male named Dash,who is fiesty and curious, gets into everything, and after playing for a long while, will "crash" and fall asleep near somebody. Dash is very social with us(doesn't like being alone), and he and Morgan get along very well. They even groom,sleep, and wrestle with each other.
But Morgan isn't social with us at all. She mostly stays in my room during the day, napping. When she goes from my room and crosses the frountroom and kitchen to the laundry room(where the litterbox/food is), if we are in the frountroom, she will run like mad to get to the food/litterbox. she hates being held, and moves away from people. Only time she gets near us at all on her own is when we pour her some milk. When we pet her when she is in bed, she will start to purr, but then get up and move a bit away. she always walks around with her tail down. Is there anything we can do to make her less nervous? could she have a definency of some sort?
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it will just take a lot of time before morgan comes around. She may never be a lap kitty. But i would bet in time she will open more

good luck
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Have you had a thorough vet check? She may be in some discomfort if she is handled and be shying away from interaction because of. It is difficult for them to show us thier physical discomfort, often they will avoid any situation that may cause any.
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I am curious why you picked her to adopt? There must have been something in her personality you saw that made you do it. Maybe it will take her more than a few months to become comfortable in your house. Many people on this site say it can take months for a cat to become comfortable with another cat -- maybe it is the same for a new home (especially since she isn't a kitten anymore).
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When I found my baby Jumpy along with Daisy, Jumpy was very much distant from me at first. He did not want to be touched at all and he will bite if any hands go near him. I think it maybe something that happened in his past: I found some paint on his fur when I found him. I've had him for 4 months now and I've been giving him all the caring and love and now he enjoys me petting him and playing with him.

If you are feeding her dry food, have you thought about hand feeding her? It might help in gaining her trust for your hands. But don't make it a habit cause I think my Daisy is spoiled that she would rather eat food off of my hand than from her bowel.
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I was actually away on vacation when these two where adopted. My mom and her fiancee picked them out. Though come January we are going to get them bothed checked out at the vet anyway. Maybe the worms were worse then we thought. we gave them both meds to clear it up...but maybe she is still infested? *sigh* poor Morgie.
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Sounds alot like our cat..

My wife picked her up to save her from the pound.. I think she was liek 5 weeks old when she got her, so she was young..

Our cat, she will let my wife pet her, play with her, etc but I cannot touch her.. We can be laying in bed and Raleigh will jump in the bed with my wife will pet her and if I try and pet her she wigs out.. Starts hissing, etc..

It's odd though, the cat will follow me all over the house.. When my wife is not home, she will come and sit with me, in whatever room I am in, but just out of arms reach..

I can play small games with her and she will scratch me and paw at me, which doesn't bother me, I really like playing with her.. I call it quits when her pupils dialate and she throws her ears back..

She will often come up to me and sniff my hand and the make a chirp kinda noise and scamper off.. She won't take a treat out of my hand, but she will eat it if I drop it on the floor for her..

I dunno, we thought about putting her on some kinda drugs to make her friendly, but I don't want her to be a different kitty, I'd just like her to let me pet her..

She is coming around I think..

We are thinking about getting a second kitty, so I can have one..
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