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We had just a skiff of snow this morning on the porch and when I went to let the dogs out Sissy took this morning to try to follow. She ran onto the porch and hit the snow and slid. It looked like that scene in "Bambi", all 4 feet going in every direction and she ended up on her tummy. I just wish I would have had the camera!! I stepped out and picked her up and we both came back in and dryed our feet off. I promised that I would not tell the other kitties how undignified she looked. The look on her face was just too funny
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haha, poor baby! I bet she was more than a little surprised
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Awwwww poor baby!
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Not quite the same as skidding on a slippery wood floor is it?

Poor kitty! I'm not laughing at her! I'm laughing "with" her!
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LOL! Too funny!
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