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The sink again!

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Hi everybody,

About a year ago I had the same problem as now. Singa is peeing int the bathroom sink again. I have no idea why. I haven't changed anything and suddenly this!

I have noticed that recently she has starting climbing up on the surface area around the sink when I brushed my teeth. She did that when she was young to explore the whatever I was doing.

But that also reminded me that she hasn't been up there ever since she last stopped peeing in the sink.

I hope someone can help me in this.

Last time I took her to the vet to check if she has UTI but the vet said he couldn't tell unless I provided a urine sample. But can someone tell me how to do that?????? I doubt that even if I ever catch her actually peeing that I can catch the pee in a plastic cup. Has anyone ever done that???

Anyhow. I can't remember what I did last time to stop it. So if anyone has an idea... I'd appreciate every help I could get...

My main concern is actually not the current usage of the sink (tho it is a bit disgusting), but that I will soon move to a new apartment and I am afraid that if she rejects the litterboz all of a sudden and then doesn't fancy the sink there either that she will eventually go where she shouldnt..

Oh and one other thing... She still poos in the litterbox, but I noticed that she has stopped burying the poo completely. Actually it is hardly covered.

Again, I appreciate every advice!
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no advice on how to get a urine sample, but have you tried adding another litterbox? I know some cats are picky and want one litterbox for peeing and another for pooping.
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This is where a crate/cage comes in handy for samples. You have to confine her in one area with an EMPTY litter pan and wait untill she pees in there. Do not let her out until she goes.
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I don't have any ideas (I've been batling a peeing problem for years) but be glad that she's using a sink and not something else like carpet or clothes.
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Does anyone have experience with UTI?
If I were to change the litter and litterbox ( to a more widely accepted one - currently I am using Pine Pellets, but I still have the old clumping type), would she still go to the sink if she has UTI?
How can you tell without the pee-sample if she has UTI or not? How does a cat get it?
Sheesh.. so many questions! Sorry!
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