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Santa came! Santa came! Louie, it's not from Santa it's from Auntie Helen!

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Louie thought for sure that Santa had gotten his apology letter. The one that said he was sorry for crawling underneath the cookie cooling racks that mommy had on the kitchen table, causing the cookies to go tumbling all over the table, and the green frosting & sprinkles to get everywhere... Surely Santa must have gotten it, cause there was a large package by the Christmas tree filled with goodies just for kitties.....Then LuckyGirl came out to see what the royal ruckus was about..... "Louie, it's not from Santa! He doesn't come for another 2 weeks, it's from dear Auntie Helen and that handsome Severino, Joey, and pretty girl Sofia!!!"

(my DH and his wise words: "matts for the cats? and pillows for the cats? " little did he know that Helen -Bella713 makes a life's practice of knowing exactly what kitties want!)

Mommy pulled everthing out, while Louie made a careful inspection of the box.....

"hmmmm, what's this I smell here?!"

"well that smells like the beautiful Sofia if I do say so myself!!! hubba! hubba!"

"mmmmhmmmm, and there it smells like Severino.....almost like cigars & brandy..."

"oh, yeah and here I can smell Joey....he smells like cat fights & outside....I am not allowed out there..."

"and I can still smell sweet baby girl Bella.....she smells just like heaven!"

Mommy passed out the presents:

a pillow for LuckyGirl.....

a pillow for Louie.....

(I am trying to get the video is hysterical!!!)

(I love this one below, this shows 1/2 of his real purrrsonality!)
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Aunt Helen got each of the kitties their own "honeysuckle cat pillows", I mean, whoever heard of such a thing?! But the wonderful Helen did! And the kitties were estatic over them! And then, I pulled out their matts, that each had their names on them! They are filled with catnip! And the kitties stayed on their matts all weekend long, I swear!

LuckyGirl is inspecting her matt....

Louie is rubbing himself into his....

LuckyGirl decides she wants to lick and wrestle with her matt....

look at the size of that tongue!!!
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they made out like Bandits!! great presents
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Heather...they look so sweet and funny with their toys...Glad they were a hit!
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They are so cute! I'm glad they are having a great time playing with their gifts.
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Louie decided he just didn't want to leave his catnip matt, not for one second, so he just took his cat-nap right on top of his cat-nip matt!

(cuteness warning!!!)

after all, that kinda "pillow play" is hard work, and takes alot of energy outta a boy!

LuckyGirl decided that, for once, Louie had a brilliant idea....and she joined him.

and of course, 2 tranquil kitties, is very enticing to 1 tired daddy....

and 10 minutes after sitting down, they were all out for the count!
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Too cute!!!! And you had peace and quiet for a while
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The kitties & I would would like to thank Helen, from the bottom of our hearts, and from their furry little bottoms (the ones that have not left their catnip matts in days)! Everything was so nice, and they really love all of their new stuff... Thank you so much Helen, we really appreciate your kindness & thoughtfulness (and wonderful ability to pick exactly the right things for kitties!). Heather, LuckyGirl, & not-so-little-anymore Louie
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You are all so welcome, it was my pleasure
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awww! too cute!!!!
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Awwwwwww,that was very nice of Auntie Helen!!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Awwwwwww,that was very nice of Auntie Helen!!
Yes it was indeed!!!

I love the one where Louie is hugging his own foot.....
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