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Who says they don't understand???

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Just wanted to share something cute with you guys. Maybe it can bring a smile to someone here.

Since we moved, Trent has not been sleeping with me at night. He will come up and get cuddles, sometimes, but not sleep with me like he did every night at the old place. So last night while I was petting him early in the evening, I told him how much I missed his sleeping with me and snuggling with me at night. So when I was trying to go to sleep last night, he jumps down from on top of the headboard, and promptly snuggles up by my legs and sleeps there almost all night.

Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe he just understood what I was telling him.
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I agree with you, and your story about Trent coming to snuggle with you is soooo cool! I think both cats and dogs are a lot smarter than anyone realizes. The experts tell us that animals respond to voice tone only, but all the cats I have ever owned occasionally acted like they could actually understand spoken words.
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One thing's for sure; they understand more English than we understand kitty cat! I'm glad Trent's feeling more comfortable in his new house. It doesn't feel normal to sleep without a kitty or two in bed. I think Trent was doing the equivalent of standing Mother in the corner. How dare you interrupt his routine? I hope you're happy in your new place, Heidi. Tell us all about it, will you?
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Well, Jeanie, since you asked... We are living amidst stacks of boxes at the moment, which the cats think is just great. They think we moved to a kitty-cat jungle-gym! The rooms are big, and even though we actually lost 100 sf from the last place, it almost feels bigger. The only problem is that there are two closets in the entire place, one in each bedroom, and the kitchen is really small . No linen closet or entry closet, no storage at all. Granted the closets are big, but I'm already running out of room. We have too many collectible toys which are taking up the majority of the closets.

It's coming along, but Trent isn't liking it that we are unpacking almost every night. He doesn't deal well with change in his little world. The move itself was OK because that was an adventure, I guess. Now he wants to go back to routine. Ophelia was horrified by the move, but is now back to her normal little self. Day to day stuff doesn't phase that little girl.
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That is such a sweet story...I'm sure he knew what you meant.
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