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Peeing & Pooping on Bed...

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Hey, I'm new here and I was hoping someone might be able to help me. I have a small cat, maybe a year old. Since I have had him, he hasn't had any problems except for spraying here and there. But when it comes to actually peeing or pooping, he would use the litter box. But recently he hasn't been using the litter box at all. I've found him peeing on beds and clothing on the floor. He even pooped twice on a bed. The litter box is clean and the litter is brand new. He used this litter before too without any problems so I don't think he might not like it. A UTI could explain the peeing, but what about the pooping? It's not diarrhea, just plain poop. Any ideas?
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If he is not nuetered would be my first thought. Hard to correct this after it starts....You definitely should consult a vet. Any physical discomfort is expressed in different ways.
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Again, if he is not neutered, he will use these items to "mark" his territory. I would suggest a call to the vet and if your baby is NOT neutered, perhaps you could discuss this with your vet.
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I would do as they suggested... Get him fixed,and if that doesnt work, it is a behavior that needs to be trained out of him. My male kitten was doing that as well, we got him neutered,and then we put him in a kitty playpen cage thing....for 2 weeks, With just his litter pan,and food and water.. to retrain the brain..and couldnt let him into the house except in small areas, with SUPERVISION... and for a certain amoint of time.. then back in the cage he went... and now he is perfect..
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Yeah he isn't neutered but he needs to be. I like that last suggestion about retraining him. When I get him neutered I'll probably have to do that.
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Actually I don't think you will have to retrain him after neutering. Neutering is EVERYTHING when it comes to why a year old male is going all over the place.
I don't think he has a UTI, I don't think he needs retrained, he just needs to be neutered. I can't imagine having an intact male over 6 months, I don't think I would want to risk the spraying and going to the bathroom everywhere.

The problem now is since he matured and was never neutered, he will take a month after neutering for his hormones to calm down and the bad behaviors to stop. So don't expect it overnight I hope you don't punish him at all for it or anything. You seem rather fine about his spraying occasionally hehe. I couldn't put up with it personally
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Oh and if you want some suggestions for low cost neutering, let us know and tell us what city/zip code you live in. Please set up that appointment fast before he starts tearing through windows and doors to get outside to mate. It will just drive him crazy being cooped up and wanting to mate. But do not ever let him out until a month after he is neutered.
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Before I got my male cat TREASURE I had another cat that did the same thing.And the vet told me that sometimes they will do that in retaliation for you doing something that they don't like.And so with consulting with my vet back and forth several times we discovered what it was that she did not like and took care of it had to retrain her to use the letterbox again but eventually she got retrained and we had ourselves a good well behaved cat until her death in 1993 of old age at 17. It also might be something called stress.She might be stressed out over somethin as well this could be why the peeing and pooing on the bed.I say its time for vet check.Another thought just accurred to me after my last edit omy reply.It could mean she dose not like the litter that you are using.A cat will not use a litterbox if they DO NOT like the or the location of its litterbox.Try different litters and different locations of the litterbox.Try one idea first and if that dosen't work then try the other suggestion.Another idea that I have for you is save some of the dirty litter if you are going to try the different locations of the litterbox idea and once the cat litterbox is in its new location take some of the chunks that you have saved and to about half the size of its original size and spinkle it over the litter please DONOT MIX IT IN WITH NEWER LITTER. And then put the cat inside it the cat will then get the smell of its own urine/stools and think they have used it already and may continu on using the litterbox.I had used this idea on two cats of mine and it worked.It may not work on all cats but its worth a try.GOOD LUCK!
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We had this problem, albeit it with a 4 month old female cat. She would use the litter tray for the majority of the time, but not all of the time. Our solution was as follows;

1/ Buy another litter tray and keep it close to where the cat is pooing/weeing. We put it in our spare bedroom, just inside the doorway. The cat will hopefully get the message and start using it.

2/ Make sure there is no urine scent on any of the bedding/items that have been soiled, if they smell something, they assume all is well and continue to use it.

3/ Try and keep the cat out of the room where they are causing the problem, for at least a week, hopefully they will start to use the allocated trays.

Tip: We also bought a picnic blanket and placed this upside down on top of the bed covers. This has a plastic water proof layer on it, so when the cat soils, all you need to do is disinfect spray, wipe it clean, throw in washing machine and it’s dry within 1hr. Saves a lot of time having to wash duvet covers, sheets, pillows etc..
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I live in Flint Michigan, area code 48506.

So far what I have tried doing is placing the litter box on the bed. Now that it's on the bed he climbs up there and uses the box. I'm hoping it will get him to get reused to going in the box. We also have a litter box in the basement so maybe he will start using that as well, since there have been a few times when we have found pee down there.
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The next step with the litterbox training you're doing is to set the litterbox on the floor closest to the place where it is on the bed. To help discourage his use of the bed, buy some cardboard boxes, cut one edge so they can lie flat, and when you get up in the morning, lay the boxes over the bed. Take them off when you want to get in it at night.

Every day move the litterbox a few inches closer to where you want it to be.

Importantly, as flinni pointed out above, you have to make sure that where he's peed (or pooped) is completely cleaned from HIS nose's perspective, not your nose's. You MUST use an enzyme cleaner - this is the only thing that will do it. We use . Douse the mattress with it - really soak that area. Leave it for 10 - 15 minutes. Blot up the excess. Lay towels over it and then make the bed. Change the towels covering up the wet spot every day. It'll take a few days to dry completely if you've done it right.

Also, pooping outside the box can be territory marking. The most important thing at this point is to get your boy neutered.
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So my brother switched mattresses because the other one smells like pee but as soon as the new one was put on the cat peed on it. I know he really needs to be neutered but this is driving me crazy.
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Maybe when your not around you should put a litter box on the bed See what happens...........put it on top of a plastic table cloth or something......
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I do that from time to time and he goes in the box then. But as soon as the box is removed he goes on the bed instead of the box.
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Originally Posted by ChargerSRT8 View Post
I do that from time to time and he goes in the box then. But as soon as the box is removed he goes on the bed instead of the box.
Have to say thats really strange! My friends chawawa chose exactly where he wanted the wee wee pads! If they were'nt in this one spot in the room, he would go there any way!
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Originally Posted by ChargerSRT8 View Post
I live in Flint Michigan, area code 48506

C-SNIP (Community Spay/Neuter Initiative Partnership)
Serves Kent County and adjacent counties
Grand Rapids MI
Low cost mobile clinic for pets of people with low income.

West Michigan SPCA
Muskegon MI

Silver Lake Animal Rescue League
Dixie Highway
Waterford, MI
248-545-6583, extension 5 This organization has a program for spay/neuter of pets of low income people in metropolitan Detroit.

Long Lake Animal Hospital
5044 John R Road
Troy, MI 48098

Humane Society of Huron Valley
Ann Arbor, MI

Kalamazoo Humane Society
4239 South Westnedge
Kalamazoo, MI
Provides some assistance for the spay/neuter of pets of qualifed low income people.

Animal's Best Friend
PO Box 443
Oshtemo, MI 49077
For pets living in Kalamazoo and Van Buren counties, ABF provides small subsidies at particular veterinary clinics each month. Call for details.

Zimmer Foundation
PO Bx 130944
Ann Arbor MI 48113
For feral cats in Washtenaw County.
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