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"dt" ???

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This may sound as a stupid question , but can someone please explain what is meant by this two letters "DT" ??? I see it often like in this : "Wednesday DT" . And I don't have a clue about what it means !!
There are also other short-words I do not understand , like ROTFL . Maybe it is because English is not my mothertongue !!
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Sydney-DT just stands for Daily Thread. It is just the thread that someone starts for whatever day of the week it is. And people just say whats going on so far with their day. Anyone is welcome to start the daily thread for that day, as long as no one else has started one already. Or there can be 2, I guess? I'm gonna start the DT for Thursday, since I see that no one has yet.
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ROTFL...this is just computer talk...and it means Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

LOL means Laugh Out Loud
BRB means Be Right Back

And there are tons of other abbreveations that people use around here.
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This PC website will explain all the terms. I am not so addicted that I knew all these by the way!

Internet Lingo
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That was really interesting, Hissy. I have to say, for the most part this site isn't too bad about netlingo. Another site I go to sometimes is rife with it. DH = dear husband, DD = dear daughter, DMIL = dear mother-in-law, etc. The one that really threw me, though was S.E.X. This is a cross stitching site, and for the life of me I couldn't figure that one out. Finally asked and it is Stitching Enhancing eXperience - aka shopping for stitching stash. LOL
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I recently ran across a message board for cats only with net lingo. Oy vey, bad enough to try and figure out some of what was being said there (all baby talk and hard to decipher) but add their version of lingo- wsmm- means wheres my mommy..........tmc- thats my catnip.......I left kind of in a hurry.......
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Originally, way back when, the thread used to say, "Our Daily Thread for (whatever day of the week). Somewhere along the way somebody abbreviated it to the present "DT".

No such thing as a dumb question, Sydney!
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okay....i've wondered about b/o i think thats it. any way it starts with a B and i see it being refered to as a person. anybody know what i'm talking about?

p.s. i feel really stupid!
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I haven't heard of b/o but I have read posts where people refer to their better half as S/O. I am still trying to figure that one out but I haven't asked anyone what it means....hint,hint.

By all means, don't feel stupid! I am just now starting to figure some of the lingo.

There's this saying:

There is no such thing as a dumb/silly question.
Often times, it prevents dumb/stupid mistakes!

( I know, it has nothing to do with this, I just find it's a cute saying!)

Another one is: Life is full of questions and answers, make sure you are the one asking the questions.
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now see....i really feel dumb now!! you see, i like to make a fool of myself at least 2 times a night!!!!!!!yes s/o is what i mean! what is that??!!
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s/o means significant other
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thanks for all the explaining !!!
No more of this stupid questions from now on !!!

BTW , My real name is LUT !! Sydney is the name of my sweet RB-cat , who died on July 2002 ! So , for those who doubt ........ I'm a female !!!!
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Significant Other. Ahhhhh, so simple now that I see it in writing. Why do I make things so complicated??? :LOL: I can even begin to write down what I thought it meant!!!
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:laughing: So what did you think it meant? Enquiring minds want to know! :laughing:
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Well....for starters: When I was reading a post that had someone saying something nice, I guessed it meant: Special One, Sweet Other, (they sounded corny so I knew I was completely off track) and then....when someone was upset, I guessed: Stupid One, Stubborn Ox, etc....I still have a few but I'll wait until everyone stops laughing at me and you all get up off the floor! Oh heck...guess I'll laugh at myself too!:laughing: :laughing2

Cozycats.....you can always count on me! Guess who's feeling foolish now? (I think dumb/stupid are pretty harsh words, even for me!) Hope you feel alot better after reading this!
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Originally posted by Sydney the kid
BTW , My real name is LUT !! Sydney is the name of my sweet RB-cat , who died on July 2002 ! So , for those who doubt ........ I'm a female !!!!
I knew Sydney was your kitty, and that you were a female, but thanks for the name, Lut!
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Ghys......Stubborn Ox!!!!!!!!! :LOL: That is a good one!!! I will have to remember that because there are a few times I would like to refer to my hubby as my S/O if it meant stubborn ox!! :laughing:
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