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Heartguard for cats?

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I just got a cat for the first time in several years, and one of the things the vet recommended is monthly Heartguard protection. When I had cats previously, Heartguard was only available for dogs. My cats then did fine without the Heartguard. Also, the vet my mother uses has never mentioned Heartguard for her cats. Does anyone know if Heartguard for cats is effective/neccesary? My kitty, Oscar, stays indoors and has no contact with dogs or other animals. I don't mind getting the Heartguard if it's needed, but I don't want to waste my money, either.

Thanks for your help!
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Like anything else, this goes to personal choice. I have done some research on this subject and although my dog does get heartworm medication monthly, none of my cats do. I will continue to not medicate my cats against heartworms, because that is my choice. I have made my own decision based on what I found out. I would suggest that this is what you need to do. Research the subject, remembering that just because it is printed on an internet page it does not mean it is gospel, talk to vets, I contacted a few vets I know over at OSU who I trust a lot. Then I just wrote down everything I found out and decided I did not want to go this route with my cats. Again, it is personal choice.
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The first thing I would take into consideration is where you live. Different states are at different risk levels. I happen to live in a very high risk state, and if my cats were outside, I would give it to them every month. Being as they are indoor only, I choose to not put them on prevention.
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