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Cat show abbreviations?

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I was looking at the show calendar at CFA's website but I have never shown before and I don't understand the abbreviations in the listing. Can anyone explain the listing to me? I also can't tell how to find the entry fee or deadlines. The only abbreviation I know is HHP, but I'm not sure what the "EF" after "HHP" in the listing means...

Here is the listing:

FEB 17-18(L). IL, CHICAGO OAK LAWN: Oak Lawn Pavilion, 9401 S Oak Park Avenue. Lincoln State Cat Club. 6AB, 2Spec, Agility. Judges: Harding(AB), Baugh(AB), Patton(AAB), Wilson(AB), Watson(AB), Adkison(AB), Auspitz(LH/SH), Auth(LH/SH). EF $49 1st, $42 2nd, $35 3rd, $30 4th+, HHP EF $35, Agility - entered in show $10, not entered in show $20, CD February 12, 9:00 pm CT; entry limit 225.
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AB= All Breed, LH/SH = Long Hair/Short hair, which means speciality rings, the judge is not yet a full All Breed Judge, EF= Entry Fee, CD= Closing Date.
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You think those abbreviations wait till you get there and try and figure out the judging *lol* What kind of cat will you be showing?
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Judging is actually quite easy to understand once you've figured it out actually....you can find the explanations of the ribbons here:


Here's some common terms:

BIS - Best in Show
BOB - Best of Breed
K - Kitten
Pr- Premier
W - Winner
B - Best of Color Class
Ch - Champion
GRC/GC - Grand Champion
GRP/GP - Grand Premier

Can't think of anything else....
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HHP EF $35 means the household pet entry fee (EF) is $35. You probably will only get the allbreed rings - so 2 rings less then the pedigrees (that's the way the show did it when I put Ling in).

There should be an entry clerk contact info (phone #) that you can call. And you can download the entry form from the CFA website.

One major rule - over 8 months has to be neutered/spayed (HHP) and no declawed cats are allowed to be shown. Just a reminder
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I tried to download the entry forms from CFA but they won't work on my computer because I don't have the program needed to view the file type they are in :/

I am going to show my DSH in household pet and I also want to show our new Maine Coon kitten (picking him up at the end of the month!) he will be either in alter class or HHP depending on what the breeder says.
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Then contact the entry clerk listed - perhaps she can email the form for you or put it in the snail mail.
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